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My Oven/BBQ

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  • My Oven/BBQ

    Well it is a slow buid for me but I like how its going. here a look.
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    Hi Leepinla,

    Is that the oven we see in the 3rd picture?

    My Oven Thread:


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      No that is the BBQ side


      • #4
        this is the oven side
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          nice work

          I really like your ingenuity with the combination, but can you explain the other side? Is the opening a vent for the barbecue? It looks a bit like an oven opening but the dimensions are not oven like.


          • #6
            Great, otherwise, that was going to be one very shallow oven.

            The other side looks like a great place to grill to me, build a fire on those bricks or scoop some hot embers out of the oven and grill away!

            My Oven Thread:


            • #7
              Do you have some concept drawings you can share with us?

              I'd like to see what it looks like when it's finished...before it's finished!!


              My oven progress -


              • #8
                Both sides are on a thermal/insulating hearth
                On the Deep Pit BBQ side
                I have run a gas line
                cause sometimes you want it now,
                and the holes under the bbq well?
                Letís have some idea?
                What do you think?
                There are three of them.
                2 are 8x16 about and one is 8x10


                • #9
                  Sorry, I have no concept drawings, any concept lies lost somewhere in my head
                  I just get to see bit and pieces of it myself ( haha )


                  • #10
                    Ok well the holes under the bbq, are for lights, and maybe some dry ice for
                    All hallows eve.
                    I think that would look cool.
                    But we will see they may just be holes


                    • #11
                      The Dome

                      Learning how to use the saw as I go.
                      The next oven I build will be better. hahahahahahaha
                      any way here are some new photos
                      Thanks for all the help so far.
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                      • #12
                        moving up

                        It's satisfying seeing the dome go up, isn't it? Looking good so far.

                        For some reason with the -la at the end of your name I imagined a smaller person than the one in your saw image!

                        Wonder why you wrapped your oven floor with a cargo strap? I won't hold my breath waiting for an explanation this time


                        • #13
                          Cargo strap

                          Well Leepin, is a nic name from when I was skydiving, and l a, are my initials.
                          silly names that stick. haha
                          the cargo strap was so nuthing moved when I sanded the floor bricks,
                          and I just left it there, did not seem to be in the way,
                          hope this get your way in a timely maner. haha



                          • #14
                            very timely

                            strong work, the cargo strap is a nice bit of ingenuity, I would imagine you have now a perfectly level cooking surface. Keep sending progress photos, I'm interested to see your BBQ progress especially.



                            • #15
                              just a little more,,,,,
                              all most there