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Heading to NYC!

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  • Heading to NYC!

    My daughter and I will be in New York (city) for the U.S. Memorial Day weekend (her birthday). Although it's just a short trip and shopping & theatre will top her list, I am hoping to squeeze in a visit to a pizza place - maybe one of those coal-fired ones.
    Any suggestions?? (ideally not too far removed from midtown)


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    Re: Heading to NYC!

    John's off times square claims coal fired, but it's strictly a tourist joint. That said, you'll get a better pie there than in a corner slice joint. Their original location is in the village, on, what, Bleeker? It's a schlep from midtown but patsy's in east harlem gets good press.

    Try slice.seriouseats.com for realtime info on nyc pizza
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      Re: Heading to NYC!

      Here's a place to start your research, Sarah: Pizza - Times Topics - The New York Times
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        Re: Heading to NYC!

        I used Jeff Varasano's list as a guide when I was last in NYC. Here's his site (scroll to the bottom): Jeff Varasano's NY Pizza Recipe

        I highly recommend Una Pizza Napoletana:
        Una Pizza Napoletana Official Website | New York City



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          Re: Heading to NYC!

          Peter Reinhart's American Pie has a pretty thorough listing as well, along with evaluations. Might be worth checking out.

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            Re: Heading to NYC!

            Thanks everyone! Good suggestion all and I've found a few places that look promising!

            One is called Lombardi's, which claims to be the best & oldest pizzeria in the U.S. and has a coal oven.

            Another is called Company, recently opened by "cult baker Jim Lahey" - at least, that's how he was billed in the blurb - who also operates the Sullivan Street Bakery. Anyone ever heard of him? These are apparently thin, crunchy, slightly charred pies - classic margherita and others with some intriguing-sounding toppings. No oven info though ...

            These are just two. The list of possibilities is endless!!


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              Re: Heading to NYC!

              I mostly know Lahey from his extremely popular no-knead bread technique. Here's the link to the recipe and technique from the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/08/dining/081mrex.html I believe he uses it for his pizza crust at his new place, too. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it if you go there.


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                Re: Heading to NYC!

                OK, now I know who he is!!
                If I do get there, I'll be sure to post about it.


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                  Re: Heading to NYC!


                  My son bought me a book about pizza a couple years ago (when the WFO was a dream). It has a section of the top 10 places in America.

                  Number 1 was "Una Pizza Napoletana" in New York (1996)
                  Number 2 was "Delorenzo's Tomato Pies" in New Jersey (1936)

                  Starting to sound a little biased but who knows - if you get the chance....

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                    Re: Heading to NYC!

                    Co. does have a wood fired oven - there has been mostly positive reviews. Found the marg pizza to be a little undewhelming but I think the whille the dough was good the balance was off. There has been alot of chatter about the addl cost of bread 3$ and butter $2 , I believe. Definitely worth checking out.

                    Definitely worth a trip to the Original Patsys on 117th and 1st ave. Not the best neighborhood but the pizza from a coal oven can be great.


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                      Re: Heading to NYC!

                      Well, that's now two recommendations for Patsy's so it's moving up the list even if it is out of the way in relation to the other places we're likely to be. It looks like there are more than a few of them but that location (East Harlem?) is the original and, presumably, the best (?).
                      We'll see, as it's not really my weekend, but I think I can still squeeze in an indulgence or two.
                      Thanks everyone - I've noted all suggestions and got the addresses so one of them should work out!



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                        Re: Heading to NYC!

                        117th is the original , a few years back they franchised/expanded and all others are an upscale pizza chain - pizza is actually pretty good but different.