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More of Little Johnny Badmouth

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  • More of Little Johnny Badmouth

    One day a priest was walking through the neighborhood and he saw little Johnny sitting on the curb playing with a glass jar. He walked up to Johnny and ask:

    Priest: Johnny, what do you have there?

    Johnny: Hi Father, I have here the most powerful liquid in the world. Its ACID!

    The Priest thought that that was to dangerous for a little boy to be playing with so he decided to trick Johnny out of it.

    Priest: Johnny, I hate to tell you this but that is not the most powerful liquid in the world. He reached inside his coat pocket, and produced a small vile, and showed it to Johnny and said, This is, Holy Water!!

    Johnny: Holy Water! Whats so powerful about Holy Water?

    Priest: Well Johnny, just last week I rubbed some of this on a pregnet woman's tummy and she passed a baby.

    Johnny: Heck Father, thats nothing, just this morning I poured some of this on a cat's ass and he passed a motorcycle!