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Bocce Court Build

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  • Bocce Court Build

    Couple of folks asked about my bocce court build. Below are some shots of my court build which is about 60 by 11 and currently topped with stone dust. My pizza oven is going at the far end. The court is framed with 6*6*12 pressure treated lumber which is faced with trex. under the top layer is about 8 inched of compacted pack and under that is about 8 inches of 5/8 clean. I probably overdid it but that's my nature. My build was tougher because I am at the top of a hill and did not have any flat ground - hence the need for the retaining wall. If I had to do it again I would make the court at least 72' as 60' is a little short for good players.

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    Re: Bocce Court Build

    wow! looks really nice!
    My 2nd Build:
    Is here


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      Re: Bocce Court Build

      Bocce..the only sport you can play with a glass of wine in your hand!! Looks beautiful; I wish i had the room to put one in but the back yard is now mostly garden and cement!!
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        Re: Bocce Court Build

        Looks great! Thanks for posting.
        Mike - Saginaw, MI

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          Re: Bocce Court Build

          Thanks, yeah you can play with wine, beer or pizza in one hand. Its a great game that anyone can play - old or young.


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            Re: Bocce Court Build

            What a perfect accessory to a pizza oven.

            So, how much give does the surface have? Is it as hard as a clay tennis court?


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              Re: Bocce Court Build

              great question, the surface material debate in the bocce world is probably similar to the barrel vs round and other debates in the oven world. I think the stone dust plays a little soft, I can keep it relatively hard with my lawn roller, water and hot sun but it still has some give. Stone dust material does also vary from place to place. The other two popular materials are oyster shell powder which is very popular on the west coast because its available and the har tru material. I don't think pure clay is really popular because it cracks when dry and is somewhat hard to work with. The other factor to consider is cost with stone dust being cheap then osyter shell and har tru being more expensive. I think I priced the har tru at about 2k for 2 inches and my size court. I started with stone dust but have the depth with my design to add a diff material going forward. hope that helps, great website for bocce is Joy of Bocce, bocce, book, instructional book | Striker | Massachusetts where you can see many designs and get lots of bocce info


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                Re: Bocce Court Build

                Your court is beautiful! Puts mine to shame. I just showed your's to my wife, now I have a new project when my oven is done. More rock walls and landscape around our court.
                We used oyster shell on top of about 8 inches road rock, then oyster flour for the top. I need to add more flour as it isn't deep enough. Sure is fun to play with a glass of wine.

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                  Re: Bocce Court Build

                  Thanks, unfortunately we don't get to play as much as we would like. Once I get my oven done it will be another reason to be out on the court.


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                    Re: Bocce Court Build

                    hey tifosi...
                    beautiful job on the court.. wish i had the room for one...



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                      Re: Bocce Court Build

                      Thanks Mark



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                        Re: Bocce Court Build

                        Nice work on the build!

                        BTW I had my first game of bocce a few days ago - at a work BBQ down at the beach. I am pleased to report that no humans/animals/work colleagues were harmed during the even!!!

                        / Rossco


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                          Re: Bocce Court Build

                          Hi friend.
                          Really its a nice photo of bocce court. Definitely people will like to play here.
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