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Hairline Cracks

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  • Hairline Cracks


    I've read a couple other posts on this topic, but none seem to concern a Forno over. I have a Premio.

    Today upon first firing I got the oven a little over 200 and only wanted to go to 100. Anyway, I see some hairline cracks in the refrax between sectiions and a few very fine hairline cracks in a few places on the actal dome. They are so fine that if I rub my hand over them they fill with dust and seem to disapear.

    The oven has set for at least 10 days since assembly with refrax.

    Oh, I didn't have the insuslating blanket on yet.

    Is this a problem? Is there anything I should do to address the cracks?

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    Re: Hairline Cracks

    Hairline cracks are pretty common in refractory mortar and you can see them occasionally in the dome. You can do a couple of things.

    First, during your next curing fire, look at the outside of the oven while the fire is going and see if there is any smoke escaping. If the answer is no, then you are fine. If you are getting little wisps of smoke, you can add another later of Refmix to all of the joints. If you have to do that, make sure the oven is fully cool, and make sure that the joints where you are apply the new Refmix is wet before you layer on the mortar.

    Either way, you are fine!

    One last thing. I am attaching the curing instructions to this posting. It is important that you follow them.

    Enjoy the cooking; it's right around the corner!
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      Re: Hairline Cracks

      Thanks James. Now I'm not depressed!

      I assume that since I only heated the oven for an hour I didn't really start the curring process and will start tomorrow as if from the beginning and attempt to maintain 300 degrees for as long as possible.


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        Re: Hairline Cracks

        Definitely not depressed! You are a handful of days away from pizza and only a couple of days from roasting your first chicken.

        You are going to be amazed.
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          Re: Hairline Cracks


          If I reapply refrax over the cracks on the joints, should I restart the curing process, or just heat it slowly and bring the temp back up to 500-600 and proceed from there?