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$$$added value$$$

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  • $$$added value$$$

    Hi All,
    I have a curiosity question, I know a built in pool doenst add much resale value to a home, But am curious to know if any actual value is added to a home having an outdoor WFO ? Are there any real estate people out there in the forum that have encountered this ? Or anyone else who would care to comment ??

    Thanks Mark

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    Re: $$$added value$$$

    When my daughter sold her home with an oven I had built her the agent looked at it and said "Well that adds another $5000 on to the house" It cost me way less than that to build it and I'm sure it creates a selling point, but who can really quantify it accurately. Of course I ended up building her another (better) oven at her new home.
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      Re: $$$added value$$$

      that sounds like a plus to me !!


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        Re: $$$added value$$$

        Too bad about the northern climate pools. Here in FL pools do add value and have actually become 'expected", even to first time home buyers with a very limited budget.

        As for a WFO, we have had 1 or 2 members who have sold there homes - one in particular had a buyer that insisted that the oven be removed. Not sure of the other outcome. I think this is where your real estate agent needs to shine.....you need an agent who is going to use the WFO as a selling point, not just the after thought "Oh, thats the pizza oven". It has been suggested that the best approach is for you and your real estate agent to host a pizza party for real estate agents only, a day or two before your house goes on the MLS.
        Now, is this going to actually add value? I don't know, but I think this type of approach would better your chances.



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          Re: $$$added value$$$

          I agree with RT that it can go either way. There is, however, one big diff between a pool and a WFO. There are lots of pools and a lot of people who both want and don't want one. And for those who want one, there are lots to choose from so no reason to add many $$. WFOs remain uncommon so a house with a WFO is far more unique and IF a buyer wants one will not have a lot of alternatives. Thus a better chance of being a PLUS IMO.