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Pizza Vending Machine

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  • Pizza Vending Machine

    This is just wrong, on so many levels...


    Well, at least it can make a pizza in three minutes!

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    Re: Pizza Vending Machine

    H Ed
    the developer of this machine is a great inventor. Few people here on this forum including myself can't make a pizza from scratch in 3 minutes let alone cook one.Unless they use dangerous or unhealthy ingredients, what can the issue be if it looks, smells and tastes right, with your choice of toppings and a nice crisp base, it could be great.
    The only thing I see as a downer, is hanging around for 3 minutes waiting. This could be a problem if some one elses pizza comes out before yours and seems better than your choice.
    Maybe they could include a juke box to entertain you or an internet connection to surf the web whilst waiting
    I'd like to give them a try at least before casting judgement.

    Just a thought

    If you don't succeed the first time, try again and again until you get it right!


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      Re: Pizza Vending Machine

      Actually, it is a great piece of engineering. And it's a great idea to add a jukebox...then they can call it the iPizza This has potential!

      Having grown up in one of the "pizza mecca's" in the US (Connecticut), I found the best "restaurant" pizza is hand-crafted with fresh, high quality ingredients in an oven that has been fired up since 1967. This machine has the advantage of being consistant in its pizza production (just like a McDonald's). But you are right, I will have to give it a try (if I ever find one).


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        Re: Pizza Vending Machine

        The innovative machine holds, cooks and serves 9” whole pizza pies in just 2 minutes. There are 3 different pizzas available in each machine at one time. Pizza Vending Machine on Coolest Gadgets. ... Yeah, the pizza vending machine doesn’t seem like a good idea on the surface, but this one is actually,


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          Re: Pizza Vending Machine

          Well, that is a clever idea the engineer it had. Pizza vending machine some people they will like it. However, I am thinking if the pizza came out in the vending machine is that hot.