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castable oven...the igloo dog house? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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castable oven...the igloo dog house?

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  • castable oven...the igloo dog house?

    I am nearing completion and I was just wondering about casting

    Why couldn't you just buy a couple of those igloo style doghouses
    flip em upside down
    Put one inside the other
    seal off the doors
    Leave about a 4" gap between the units and
    Pour castable to the top
    The result would be a pompei style cast unit....seems like it would work
    and no fuss cutting bricks
    the doorway would serve as the chimney location and entrance

    Thoughts anyone


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    Re: castable oven...the igloo dog house?

    I know I've read about that idea somewhere on the site, back when I first joined and just read and read past threads. I don't think anyone ever tried it, though.


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      Re: castable oven...the igloo dog house?

      Someone has done this - not with the dog house, but forms he built. (I believe he was in the Santa Cruz area) I recall that you needed to add stainless steel needles (they do sell them) to keep the cast together. The only obvious issue I see, is that you will be 4 inches at the top and some what thinner at the bottom of the cast - should work. In my opinion though - If you built to that level - just get er done.

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        Re: castable oven...the igloo dog house?

        You'll find some detailed discussion here


        If you search the forum for Dogloo you'll come up with about 3 threads discussing it. I am not sure if anyone has actually followed thru.

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