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Novel uses for pizza ovens..

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  • Novel uses for pizza ovens..

    I am sure that there lots of different uses for pizza ovens, that none of us ever imagined..

    Here's one of mine: Currently its winter where I live (New Zealand) and its either raining or about to rain, so cooking pizza doesn't happen too much, until the weather fines up a bit.

    Last week I made some cheese from fresh, raw milk. According to the recipe, it needs to mature for 4 to 8 weeks at a temperature of about 13 degrees C with high humidity.

    Obviously inside the house would be too warm. Similarly, the fridge would be way too cold. I don't have a basement either..

    Solution: the outside temperature fluctuates between about 8 degrees (C) at night and 16 degrees (C) during the day. The pizza oven with its great insulation would probably sit somewhere in between, with a lot less fluctuation.
    Hey Presto! Pizza Oven now doubling up as a cheese maturing cellar...

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    Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

    thats a top idea KiwiPete - never thought of it myself.......I've done some home cheese making and you can also wire up an old fridge with a different thermostat to get it more in line with the reqd. temp......but the oven would have to be very constant also. I'm guessing you tell your friends its a "wood oven" aged cheese maybe "Pompeii Parmesan" or Forno Fired Fetta....

    I started a cheese thread here in the chit chat a while ago......be interested to hear the progress of your cheese Pete .....

    Novel uses:
    I used to race gokarts and the copper head gaskets on the 2 strokes needed to be annealed everytime you take the head off......So once the oven fire is nice and hot you pop the gasket into the coals and bring the gasket up to cherry red to anneal the copper.

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      Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

      Here's another idea: (have not put this into practice yet )

      a pet crematorium as a bit of a sideline...


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        Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

        Originally posted by KiwiPete View Post
        Here's another idea: (have not put this into practice yet )
        a pet crematorium as a bit of a sideline...
        OK... I'll be the first:

        Ken H. - Kentucky
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          Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

          Guess Pete no longer has to worry about anyone inviting themselves to dinner.

          Although creative, humorous in this context, and possible a profitable venture......I have to second that EEEEWWWWWWWW!


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            Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

            WFO owners probably are wasting time and money if they buy a paper shredder...

            Old financial documents make fine kindling.


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              Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

              I burned a mountain of 2"x4" stud ends left over from a construction project. I was shoveling burned nails out of the oven for months.

              Plus, you don't have to worry about grossing out your dinner guests.
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                Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

                Kiwi and all,

                We have an ordnance here against burning leaves (this in a maple tree region) or anything from the garden. This has mostly to do with smoke emissions and complaints from people who've moved here from the city. However, if you have a WFO or brick BBQ, you're exempt. Result: I don't have to bag up the bitsy branches that fall from the many trees I have on my property. Don't burn leaves, though.

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                  Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

                  Larger ovens would provide a lovely respite for you gentlemen who find yourselves on the wrong side of your wife's fury - beats the dog house, anyway....

                  "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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                    Re: Novel uses for pizza oven

                    I knew I was#spending too much time on the oven when my wife was thinking about ending her book by killing the husband and burning the body in a WFO......

                    Needless to say, I quit working on the oven for a few days

                    My oven progress -


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                      Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

                      The only problem with this thread that has gone off on a fun little tangent is that some bone and teeth will remain after a cremation. Christo, if your wife does go down that line have her go back and seewp out the remnant and then use a mortar and pestal to finish off the little bits.


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                        Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

                        We have a Premio oven on display at a building materials store in Windsor, CA, and someone asked the staff who would give their dog such an elaborate house.
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                          Re: Novel uses for pizza ovens..

                          Not too novel but, we use the oven to dry tomatoes, peppers and fruit. One of our neighbors here in Mississippi saw our oven for the first time they thought it was a very elaborate dog house also. Our youngest hound thinks it is fun to go underneath.
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