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How many of us are also Homebrewers?

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  • How many of us are also Homebrewers?

    Looking for some new Beer recipies - Anyone got some recipes that go extra well with Pizza?????

    I go mostly extract, but have a mill and know how to use it!!!!

    My oven progress -

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    Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

    as a non drinker (well some one must be responsible to drive the drunks home), I am unable to help you in your desire for home brews. I do however, have a son and son-in-law who like to dabble in the art who would be more than obliging in offering their input. Most of their brews which they always brag about, are proprietry kits available through various specialty home brew shops around Adelaide and the Hills (tourist areas).
    My son has a best mate who is family to a larger specialty winery who also dabbles in the art. I will make some enquiries on your behalf and get back to you.
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      Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

      Not a brewer but I am a drinker .....If you make it, I will be more than happy to be your taste tester


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        Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?


        Second on that one. Anybody making a decent IPA? I'll be there with the cheese.

        "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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          Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

          I brew beer and cider but have only used extract. Mainly because all my spare time is spent doing things like, hmmmm, build pizza ovens.

          I said in an earlier forum that I just finished a really nice Cascade Mahogoney Porter. http://www.cascadehomebrew.com.au But one of my favourites was an Indian Pale Ale. Love that extra hoppy flavour.

          I've found the extracts available these days are very good and usually confine my experimentation to brew booster sugars and liquid hops etc.



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            Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

            I have not brewed in a while, but have done a bit of extract brewing...I also tried to open a brewpub back in the misty past...I would have hired a brewer for that. I did go to a brewing convention in Portland. That was fun!
            My Oven Thread:


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              Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

              I, too, did some homebrew beer. I'll try almost anything that invovles yeast. It has been a while since I last brewed but I keep thinking of getting back into it. Extract only. I'm blessed to have two homebrew shops within 5 miles of home so there is lots of options in extracts, hops and grain... if I ever decide to go that route. The nicest thing about having access to these shops is hte first-hand mentorship!


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                Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?


                I just found this slightly old post...

                Now that my oven is on hold for the winter (got the foundation done!) I'm going to move my attention back to homebrewing. I'm lucky to have a beer supply shop close by. I don't do the full blown "mashing" etc. They sell kits with the syrup extract and the correct hops, yeast and grains you need. I equate it to baking a cake from scratch without gridning my own wheat.

                (I haven't brewed in about 2-3 years while I was remodeling my basement.)

                Don't have any recipes to share as they have about 30 kits you can choose from. I picked up a Porter and an October Fest.

                By the time spring rolls around I'll have gotten the hang of beer making again. What could be better - homemade beer with a pizza cooked on a WFO!

                Happy Thanksgiving.


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                  Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

                  A quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving.

                  Fire those ovens and have a wonderful day.

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                    Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

                    James and everybody south of the border,

                    Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, so the bird bones have been in and left the stock pot and the leftovers gone for weeks. Just wanted to pass on Thanksgiving greetings to all US members. Get out there and start the bird cooking. Have a full day.

                    "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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                      Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

                      Yes Happy Thanksgiving to all! And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians! Make sure to post the photos of your beautifull WFO roast turkey and trimmings!
                      "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. " Charles Mingus
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                        Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

                        Originally posted by thebadger View Post
                        I'm lucky to have a beer supply shop close by.
                        Me, too, but I haven't brewed in quite a while. Good for you!

                        I saw a news article a couple of weeks ago about the current shortage of hops and the cost impact on beer. The price is going up, of course... nothing seems to go down in price.

                        I've done the kit beers with considerable success. After reading a couple of brewing boks I'm still not ready to grind-my-own, but might consider starting with dried malt(s) for a bit more flexibility. That might allow greater use of the varous yeasts and hops that are avaialbe to homebrewers.

                        I hope they are still in business... but have you ever run across MidWest Brewing Supplies. I found them on the internet a few years ago and they had a wonderful selection in their catalogue. But I much prefer personally visiting the local brewing shop... even if their selection is more limited.


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                          Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?


                          I haven't looked into Midwest but I might check them out. My place in Cincinnati has about 30+ beer kits to choose from which is plenty for me right now. Also, the are real knowledgable and I can get to their shop on my lunch hour. I'm hoping to brew up a porter in the next few weeks. I agree that you loose a little felxibility with the "kits" but with 3 young boys and the pizza oven project that's about all I have time for.

                          Good luck.



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                            Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

                            Just thought I'd bump this one back up. I am toying with a recipe right now based on the ingredients in Deschutes Inversion IPA. I'm planning on many iterations to see what the best combo of ingredients is, but here's what I've got so far.
                            8 # LME
                            1.5 # British 2-row
                            1 # Munich (Dark)
                            0.5 # Carastan
                            0.5 # Crystal 80L

                            1 oz Nugget (60 min)
                            1 oz Centennial (15 or 20 min)
                            1 oz Cascade (5 min)
                            1 oz Northern Brewer (1)

                            Wyeast 1098

                            I was thinking of moving the Centennial to a FWH.
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                              Re: How many of us are also Homebrewers?

                              Since Papavino reraised this thread I will throw in a comment for those of you who make beer!

                              Reinhart's Whole Grain Bread book has a killer recipe for spent grain whole wheat that is simply incredible IMO. The challenge is getting spent grain from beer making...but for those of you who are...you should be freezing your spent grain in batch quantities (about a cup as I recall) and making that bread.

                              Bread is life! (and pizza is heaven!)