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A neat book on Cuma

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  • A neat book on Cuma

    Hey all...after reading a little intro in Food & Wine about Jesse Browner's upcoming book on the last days of Petronius at Cuma, I was intrigued. It is a work of fiction, but it is a pretty interesting read and very food-focused. Cuma is in Campania not too far from Naples.

    Petronius is falsely accused of a plot to assassinate Nero. Rather than await execution, he throws one last big party with lavish foods as he slowly commits suicide throughout the course of the evening. So far it is a very entertaining read...it's called The Uncertain Hour and you can get it on Amazon and I think see more on www.jessebrowner.com


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    Re: A neat book on Cuma

    I just added it to my library request list...is it new...they had it on order, but no arrived yet...
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      Re: A neat book on Cuma

      I think it came out on memorial day...or thereabouts...


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        Re: A neat book on Cuma

        Nice find Jay. That's on my list. Thanks.
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          Re: A neat book on Cuma

          After you read it...maybe we can add "sow's vulva" to the wood-fired cookbook


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            Re: A neat book on Cuma

            hehhehee wife is a nurse so in our house body parts are properly identified - should be interesting when she goes to school... This is my clavical, my vermillion and my Vulva - I have a Vulva but my daddy drives a Volvo!