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Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum members.

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Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum Members!

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  • Stroke

    I've just spent the last few days in hospital. After seeing about 12 doctors and one neurologist all performing the same tests, they determined that i'd had a stroke.Innumerable blood samples, CT scan, visits from physios, speech pathologists and volumes of stroke literature to digest left me feeling a tad philosophical. Finally the head neurologist informed me that in his opinion it was not a stroke, but Bells Palsy and I could go home. Not quite out of the woods, I still have to have an MRI in a few days to be sure.
    I can't really see why it would be a problem now because I've been stroking most of my adult life.
    Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.

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    Re: Stroke


    Had a good friend of mine go thru a similar situtation as yours and it was determined he had Bells Palsy. His left side of his face did not work as well as his right side. Hang in there, it took a little while for the Bells Palsy to go away but it did, he is as good as new. Now both sides of his face are ugly .........good luck to you.

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      Re: Stroke

      Thanks Russell,
      In my case both sides were ugly to start with.
      Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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        Re: Stroke

        Good to know your back home and things are looking better. One thing for sure it's better than the alternative. Try to take it easy on yourself until your back to 100% and you can do that by doing the opposite of what the doctors recommend. So lots of beer, lots of pizza and lots of lovin'. ;-)


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          Re: Stroke

          Originally posted by david s View Post
          I can't really see why it would be a problem now because I've been stroking most of my adult life.
          What ever they find, it's not affecting your sense of humor. Good luck to ya!
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            Re: Stroke

            I do intend to milk it a fair bit. I have accumulated a little more than a years sick leave. According to our workplace agreement accumulated sick leave is lost (not paid out) on employment termination, so an extended holiday could be a good recommendation.
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              Re: Stroke

              Good Luck David!

              And Bake On!


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                Re: Stroke

                Thanks Jay,
                i'm actually about ready to pop a few baguettes into the oven now.
                Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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                  Re: Stroke

                  Play it for all you can David, I worked for the government and in particular TafeSA for 34 years, had 5 days sick leave and gave up over a year and a half's sick leave without even a thank you.
                  Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

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                    Re: Stroke

                    Thanks Neill,
                    I work for Catholic Education and after 25 years, (26 actually, they forgot about me after 25), they gave me a $50 Coles voucher. Very generous I thought. Actually they've been pretty good and I wouldn't take the sick leave unless I really needed it, but in this case I think I do. Have now just lost one week of the holidays and I have ovens to build and house renovations to complete. Trouble is I feel like crap and don't want to do those either.
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                      Re: Stroke

                      Get better soon Dave - My wife's niece had recently - it just before giving birth and couldn't take the medication - but they are both fine now - no trace of it.
                      I love the concept of accumulated sick leave btw
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                        Re: Stroke

                        Good to hear you're feeling better Dave. I am currently on vacation in Kansas at the house of my wife's uncle, who is a recently retired neurologist. He described Bells Palsy as a recoverable condition that is most effectively treatable when diagnosed early, which it sounds like you were. He did not dispute my assertion that pizza may be a contributor to complete recovery.


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                          Re: Stroke

                          There are tests to reveal bell's palsy, and to monitor its onset and course until closure. I've been retired for 15 years, but those tests are in my area of expertise. PM me if you want to chat.
                          Lee B.
                          DFW area, Texas, USA

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                            Re: Stroke

                            Hang in there David....I'm sure you'll come good. I too had a friend with Palsey it cleared up quite quickly, but a bit scarey at the time.

                            Regards Dave
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                              Re: Stroke

                              Just got the results from my MRI this morning and it shows my brain is normal (although my friends would not agree) which means i didn't have a stroke. My facial palsy is recovering quickly, shall return to work tomorrow.
                              Thank you all for your kind wishes.
                              Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.