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Don't like pizza?

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  • Don't like pizza?

    Has anyone ever met someone who just does not like pizza? I'm not talking people with wheat allergens or lactose intolerance. Just someone who just can't stand pizza. I've been trying to find someone, and have been stumped.

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    Re: Don't like pizza?


    Took on just such a guy, a dead famous academic with serious Anglophilic tendencies, who thought pizza came out of an insulated bag at the front door. Tell me, please, how old-time Anglophiles can comment on food quality? "Yech," says he, "I don't like pizza." And this guy's spent time around Lake Como, believe it or not. First step, take him to a wood-fired pizza restaurant in Toronto: Il Fornello. Second step, make him high-hydration pizza in my oven (Pane Pugliese dough). Third step, conversion. The man is now blessed. Voila (mixed languages).

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      Re: Don't like pizza?

      On Sunday, son-in-law Isaac and wife Giulia brought their two boys around for coffee.

      Faced with a choice of my own pizza and Bianca's apple pie with cream, 5-y-o Raphael rejected the pie and went straight for the pizza! I was chuffed...

      Two-y-o Benjamin preferred the apple pie - ah well, he may come round to pizza a bit later in life...


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        Re: Don't like pizza?

        Too funnny - Mom would bake these most wonderful apple pies for dad, we had a green apple tree in our back yard. For the longest time dad would try to get me to try a piece but I never would. Then one day a money bribe came into play. I must have wanted some sort of toy that I was dying for, being 8 years old or so. Dad has since regregeted that fateful day some 35 years or more ago because up until the day I moved out he had to share his pie with his wolverine son. He has since stated that he will never force nor encourage his little hellions to try some new food that he enjoys. They will have to discover it on their own.


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          Re: Don't like pizza?

          My Dad would make me eat something I didn't want to, and describe to him in detail why I didn't like it. "Tell me why you don't like it" he would say. If i came up with a reasonable explanation of what flavors in particular struck me as objectionable, and why, I wouldn't have to finish it. I am forever thankful to him for developing my palate, and my astoundingly honed B.S artistry.


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            Re: Don't like pizza?


            The web can be a mysterious place at times. Just ran into this LAHMAHJOON (ARMANIAN PIZZA). It's a recipe for an Armenian pizza!! Didn't want to post it in the pizza thread because it would just get in the way. Haven't tried it, but it is curious how these things evolve.

            "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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              Re: Don't like pizza?

              The Lahmahjoon recipe looks (and the name sounds) very much like the Arabic Lahem Bajeen 'meat pie' sold in many Lebanese restaurants.
              We have a neighbourhood corner store that makes them - does a terrific business selling to hordes of schoolkids at lunchtime.
              My son has already asked if we'll be able to make them in our oven, once done.
              Lahem Bajeen are are delicious as is, but one Arabic way to eat them is with a squirt of lemon and some plain yoghurt as a dipping sauce which gives them a nice zing - bet it would be the same with the Lahmahjoon.


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                Re: Don't like pizza?

                I'm lebanesse and remember those pies. except the only meat ,EVER, no exceptions, was lamb. I also remember that lemon was squeezed on just about everything!
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                  Re: Don't like pizza?

                  The music on that site adds a nice touch.

                  Especially when you're not expecting it and your speakers are turned up and everyone in the office wants to know what the heck is going on
                  Un amico degli amici.


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                    Re: Don't like pizza?

                    Originally posted by dusty View Post
                    ... the only meat ,EVER, no exceptions, was lamb. I also remember that lemon was squeezed on just about everything!
                    It seems a lot of places cater to North American tastes by using beef instead - too bad, I love lamb! If I ever get my oven done (bricks may be back in stock today ) I'll make the first batch with Jim's recipe ... and no beef substitutes.



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                      Re: Don't like pizza?

                      I'm beginning to think that the Japanese can ruin anything...

                      The Web's First Japanese Pizza Page

                      Don't miss the squid ink pizza...

                      Or the cabbage curry and tater tots...

                      Pizzas from the dark side

                      No, I'm not being mean - but come on, they have goat ice cream! Not goat milk ice cream - goat - as in meat.

                      Japanese Goat Ice Cream: From the Dessert X-Files - Associated Content
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