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Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00 - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

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  • Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

    I am selling my 5 Quart Hobart Mixer. It comes with a bowl, whisk, dough hook, and a beater. This mixer runs all your kitchen aid gadgets too.

    I am selling because I really don't need it. The mixer runs real loud, and I am sure it needs to be serviced. Other than that it is in working order, and can be used.

    I have a 10 quart in similar condition and if I get one serviced it will be the 10 quart. I have no need for this mixer, and could use the money for other toys.

    These mixers sell for more than a grand brand new, this one is far from brand new, but with some TLC, I am sure this mixer would clean up very nicely and last a long time.

    I am located in Roosevelt, NJ (close to Great Adventure), and would like to sell locally.

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    Re: Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00



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      Re: Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

      Did that bump knock down the price? LOL

      Would love to have something like that. I could fix the noise. I have a 30 qt but at times it's big.


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        Re: Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

        Are you making an offer?


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          Re: Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

          It would cost about $60.00 to ship this. If anyone is interested before I put it on eBay. Definitely a project though.


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            Re: Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

            Ended up getting $360.00 for this on ebay!! I guess this wasn't the place to try and sell the mixer.

            Ohh well. It will be missed.


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              Re: Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

              Thanks for offering me such a good deal...Shame I didn't have the sense to recognize how good it was. Congratulations!
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                Re: Hobart 5 Quart Mixer for Sale $200.00

                You can never go past a Hobart as a mixer especially at seriously reduced prices from new! The only problem with them generally is their larger than needed capacity/size.
                I have a 20 qt unit and when I mix 2-3kg of flour, it almost seems a waste to get it dirty.I still have the smaller Chinese 10qt unit which I believe is ideal for the small to medium pizza maker but not the occasional 4-6 pizza maker who can safely use the domestic mixers.

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