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Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum members.

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Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum Members!

The Forno Bravo team has heard the feedback in regards to the community forum. We wanted to take the time to re-enforce our commitment to a fully engaged Forum with professional moderation.

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pain de campagne sur poolish

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  • pain de campagne sur poolish

    Baked these loaves [3lbs each ] from my new bread cookbook ''the village baker'' [by Joe Ortiz , ten speed press] a great resource for anybody who is looking to create traditional sourdough , sponge or porridge starter breads.. . the book was bought on ABE , a quick google tells me that while you can get it on Amazon there seems to be quite a few people looking for the book, lots of copies on ABE.
    By the way the bread is yummy , crusty and chewy , nice crumb!

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    Re: pain de campagne sur poolish

    fornax hominus,

    Do you have any photo's of these loaves? They sound great.



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      Re: pain de campagne sur poolish

      I'm going to try and upload again , .. It either won't finish up loading .. [so I really shrank it].. or I lose my log in ... And I'm not woodfiring my ceramics....yet, but given the inevitable rise in price of propane it's in the future for sure. I process and burn about 20-25 face cords of wood every year, 1 house 2 workshops , the wood oven , grill and fire pit , so I'm not really champing at the bit to start woodfiring my ceramics as well.
      OK , it's still not loading , I will post it on pisca and try it from there.


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        Re: pain de campagne sur poolish

        OK it uploaded small, let's see if I am still logged in,
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          Re: pain de campagne sur poolish

          They look great! I will have to look for that recipe.


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            Re: pain de campagne sur poolish

            [QUOTE=fornax hominus;75109 I process and burn about 20-25 face cords of wood every year, 1 house 2 workshops , the wood oven , grill and fire pit , so I'm not really champing at the bit to start woodfiring my ceramics as well.[/QUOTE]

            I am exhausted just thinking about cutting, splitting and stacking all that wood. We heat with solar and our backup is a Yukon multi-fuel furnace for the past 32 years. Solar is primary, wood fire secondary and if all else fails it goes to #2 fuel oil. I cut my own wood and buy some a year in advance just in case we might need it next year. We use about 2 to 3 cord of oak and maple each year in fireplace, cookstove, WFO and Yukon. The fire place and cookstove aren't used that much anymore.

            Back in the day- a long time ago a friend of ours fired his pottery with a bunch of vacuum cleaners blowing flaming, fuel oil into his kiln. In essence hopped up oil burners using the fan motors from old vacuum cleaners as the air source. Beaucoup heat from those babies for sure. When we were in North Carolina we visited the community at Jug Town where they fired only with wood and charcoal. Nice stuff, lots of reduction fires and salt glazes.



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              Re: pain de campagne sur poolish

              it gets worse , in trying to get a year ahead this is my second load of logs this year @ 27,000 lbs green each , move it 3 times before stacking ... and I am not a big or young guy..[145lb 58yr ] .. and I am really looking forward to finishing [this week!]
              I used to fire with household oil burners , bought from the scrappers , buy 5 to make 2 .. lots of heat , stinks to high heaven till it got hot and I had to switch nozzles to raise the btu's , @ 100psi you only have to make a little mistake to get that stinky old fuel all over..
              firing gas since 1979 and don't miss it... in mexico and china they use tires!!!!
              All the best,


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                Re: pain de campagne sur poolish

                We have been looking over recipes and found one for pain de campagne in "The Bread Baker's Apprentice, by Peter Reinhart. It seems very similar to the Pane Francese in Ciril Hitz' book Baking Artisan Bread except he makes it into rolls and Fougasse. We took the recipe and made 1 1/2 lb boules. They did not have any whole wheat flour or other whole grain flours in them the way some pain de campagne loaves are formulated. There are so many recipes it makes my head spin as to which ones to try next. So far there haven't been any that my wife and I wouldn't try again.