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Beer Can Chicken First Try

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  • Beer Can Chicken First Try

    This was our first go at Beer Can Chicken, came out perfect, added some chopped lemon & spices to beer can & also tipped half of can liquid at finish to pan juices for a terrific gravy, will purchase a stand for future efforts as they are awkward to handle without one
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    Re: Beer Can Chicken First Try

    looks great.... I used a Heineken keg can for my first try, It was a tight fit but pretty stable.. I saved the can and the scond time filled it with white wine,, both times with TONS of garlic.. Both were great.
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      Re: Beer Can Chicken First Try

      Whew, I suddenly had an image of an 18 gallon keg!! now that would be a tight ft

      They are good fun, I am looking forward to try some more

      Someone also asked me what are the chances of aluminium poisoning from these, I hope none because they taste too good...


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        Re: Beer Can Chicken First Try

        THX1138 wrote "Someone also asked me what are the chances of aluminium poisoning from these, I hope none because they taste too good..."

        I don't think you have to worry about the aluminium can as aluminum cookware is commonly used -- for example there are many dutch ovens which are not iron but aluminum which is lighter though I don't think it hold the heat like iron. I have a number of aluminum pans I cook in though I don't cook high acid foods like tomato sauce in them as they are reactive. There was a lot of fuss about alumunium a few years back concerning Altzheimers; studies found higher levels of aluminum in the brain of people with this illness as I recall and suddenly many people were worried about applying deodorant etc. But as I recall they were never able to establish a connection with dietary or skin-absorbed aluminum so the high levels likely were produced by the disease rather than exposure to aluminum causing the disease. You have to establish cause and effect not just correlation. It is like saying that you see many people with umbrellas when it rains, so carrying umbrellas causes it to rain.... So I wouldn't worry about the chicken resting on the metal of the can.

        PS-- If someone is convinced about aluminum being dangerous, I wouldn't make a big deal out of it but just offer them some pizza or flatbread instead. Many people hate to change their minds


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          Re: Beer Can Chicken First Try

          everything is probably dangerous..... im taking my chances and will continue eating the chicken,, to good to pass up


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            Re: Beer Can Chicken First Try

            I agree, tastes way too good, we have cooked a few of these now & love the result