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Jamie Oliver's Frittata

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  • Jamie Oliver's Frittata

    We were watching the Food Network this week-end, and there was Jamie Oliver making a great Frittata in his wood oven. It looked great, so we copied it -- with excellent results.

    The basic idea is to heat an omelette pan with olive oil in a warm, but no too hot, oven. Brown sausages, par-boiled potatoes, onions, diced tomatoes (etc., etc., whatever you want in your omelette) in the oven. Empty the pan and saute some fresh rosemary in the remaining oil (it takes a few seconds), then pour in 6 whipped eggs and return the browned ingredients.

    Return the pan to the oven for a few minutes, until the frittata is brown and puffy. We made two and they were great.

    A French omelette is folded; a Spanish omelette is flipped; and an Italian frittata (omelette) isn't slipped or folded and uses the top heat from an oven to finish cooking the edge.

    The recipe is also in the cookbook Jamie at Home -- which has other wood oven recipes.

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    Re: Jamie Oliver's Frittata

    I saw the pizza episode and he made a pizza separated in quarters. one quarter had an egg on it - I don't know how he got it in there with the peel - but my DVR stopped the recording before I got to see how it ended.....

    We like Jaime. His episode on onions - though nothing with the oven was great.

    My oven progress -


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      Re: Jamie Oliver's Frittata

      he's back!
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        Re: Jamie Oliver's Frittata

        Hey Dave,

        Thanks for the welcome home.
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