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It's a 'Retained Heat' Oven!

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  • It's a 'Retained Heat' Oven!

    So we finished up the work week Friday night with a grand pizza event. Got the new oven good and hot. Nine people, eight pizza's and a desert pizza (fresh fruit, and a sprinkle of sugar and a bit of cheddar cheese on a pizza dough). We used the last dough balls to cook into pita style bread.

    Saturday morning was fresh baked biscuit for breakfast.

    Saturday evening was baked Alaskan salmon, and garden vegetables from the wood fired oven. Our house guest suggested cookies, so a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies late in the day.

    And today we are drying a batch of Washington State cherries, fresh from the field. (had to cool the oven down just a bit before we could put the cherries into the oven - still nearly 250 degree's F in that oven.)

    All from one firing of the oven.

    I think it is amazing that with one firing of the oven we can cook so many meals.

    And it is troubling to cook pizza, without having something planned and ready to go into the oven after the pizza!

    What an oven...

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    Re: It's a 'Retained Heat' Oven!

    Glad to hear it is working so well for you.

    The retained heat is definitely a benefit of the oven I didn't count on.
    Briskets, steaks, chicken... It will do it all.

    Just wait till thanksgiving ! I put a turkey, a ham, squash, dressing, and rolls in my WFO....All at the SAME time!

    It's awesome.


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      Re: It's a 'Retained Heat' Oven!

      I am curious if you cleaned out the coals and ashes right away, then put in the door? Yesterday mid day we cooked 12 pizzas, and I mixed up the wheat biga bread and tried it. It came out a little torched, but I was able to trim the burnt, and eat most of the bread. I rushed things because the bread was raised, and 1 loaf had already fallen, so in desperation I put the loaves in, but the oven was still in the 600's. I can see that the timing of the dough in relation to the time to cool the oven down to 500 F or so will be tricky, but we will figure it out. I had the door off the oven for about 4 hours with all the coals out, still way to hot for bread.. Jim


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        Re: It's a 'Retained Heat' Oven!

        I think part of the trick is to do your pizzas at LUNCH, then have things staged for an afternoon bread bake. Perhaps you could have your bread dough in the fridge, already formed, and then take them out for their final rise in the afternoon. When you get it worked out, let me know! I have had trouble combining pizza cooking with bread baking, mainly for the prep work. Besides, I LOVE relaxing and eating the pizzas. Good luck


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          Re: It's a 'Retained Heat' Oven!

          I had a lil fight party for my family on Saturday. Started out cooking some bratwursts during heat up, then pizzas after that. Sunday morning it was down to about 500 so I was able to make a few loaves of ciabatta, which came out perfectly. Then last night I put in a braised beef rump, which I took out this morning (about 9 hours at 210F) and was cooked perfectly. The oven was still about 205 this morning so I could have thrown something else in there if I wanted. Four days of being able to cook isn't bad at all.
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