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Tonights Pizza

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  • Tonights Pizza

    Fired up my portable pizza oven in the driveway tonight and made the neighbors jealous :-)
    Here is the link for some pics if you want to see. I made a set called Pizza.
    Flickr: telehort's Photostream

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    Re: Tonights Pizza

    Was that a portable in the driveway?
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      Re: Tonights Pizza

      yes it is.
      While not in my driveway, here is a pic of the oven


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        Re: Tonights Pizza

        That is some of the best looking pizza I have seen on the site. Can you post the dough recipe, processes and floor temps. I am still experimenting with flours, starters, temps to try and arrive at the place you seem to be.



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          Re: Tonights Pizza

          thanks Jim for the kind words.
          As far as the dough recipe I am currently using Reinharts Neo-Neoploitan recipe from his American Pie book. My deck temps run about 850 or so when cooking. I am using Guistos Peak Performer flour and have had good luck with that for both my dough and breads.


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            Re: Tonights Pizza

            Wow...those are some great looking pizzas! Drooled all over my keyboard.
            "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford


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              Re: Tonights Pizza

              One more question. What are you using on your peel (semolina, rice flour, corn meal . . .)?


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                Re: Tonights Pizza

                Jim - I use wooden peels to load pizzas in the oven, I have used both semolina and rice flour over the past and like both, but have been using rice flour a bit more lately.


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                  Re: Tonights Pizza

                  Thanks again, very helpful.


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                    Re: Tonights Pizza

                    I am intrigued by the oven on a trailor (thinking about doing the same over here). What prevents the whole thing cracking when the trailor goes over bumps? or do you just drive very slowly!



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                      Re: Tonights Pizza

                      I had thoughts about the oven cracking as well while I was thinking about getting it. I can tell you that I haven't seen any sign of cracking yet, and I have put about 200 miles on the trailer since I have had it. I did opt for the double axel which added weight, but I beleive helps with a smoother ride. I also do drive a it more careful when pulling it, partly because it weights about 3800 pounds, but also because I try to be as careful as I can when going down the road. The worst wear I have seen is that a couple times a small amount of mortar has fallen from inside the oven and is on the floor when I get somewhere and take the door off, but this hasn't caused me any concern and may be something that once a year or so I may need to do a bit of patchwork.


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                        Re: Tonights Pizza

                        I'm going to build on a trailer as well, and I don't think the over bumps part will be a nerve wracking as the forces of hard braking. A dome seems more equipped to handle downward forces, even shock, than it does side forces.

                        How are you guys going to prevent the whole mess from sliding?


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                          Re: Tonights Pizza

                          I was thinking sticky tape!
                          I hadn't thought that far yet, just a vague idea that it might go down well at local fairs etc. I guess the first course would have to be mortared to the base unlike the normal plans? Maybe a cast dome bolted to the trailer?


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                            Re: Tonights Pizza

                            Did something a little different tonight, my kids planned on having 11 of thier friends over so I thought I would take advantage of firing the oven up and on Wednesday I put some fliers offering pizzas to my neighbors for $10 each. I actually ended up selling 19 pizzas to the neighbors and then after getting those done I moved on to 25 personal pizzas and let each of the kids a make thier own. They were eating pizzas as fast as I could get them out of the oven. The neighbors thought it was the greast thing ever and have asked me to do it again next week.