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Prime kebab feast

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  • Prime kebab feast

    I used to be my family's kebab "expert" for 14 years now. We made a feast for my uncle today. It was all done by me on a primitive grill. Kebab is grilled on coals not on direct fire.
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    The appetizers beside kebab (made by my wife) are mashed potato dip, salad, rice and vegs stuffed grape leaves.
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    The best thing to have after kebab is tea flavored with cardamom and made on the coals remains.
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    Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?
    I forgot who said that.

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    Re: Prime kebab feast

    A lesson for me, that great food does not necessary have to come from fancy Viking grills or such and that from "primitive" ovens is where our WFOs evolved from.

    I am a big fan of your regional food. Local restaurants try hard but pales in comparison to what I see you cooking. Keeps sending your pics. BTW, how's your oven project doing?
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      Re: Prime kebab feast

      Hi Russel!
      Thank you for the kind words. My steel oven is waiting for the good iron fabricator to copy my cardboard model. He claims that he has some work to do before he can start my project. Moreover, I've been saving money for months to buy the state of the art insulators and refractories; the armed conflict here made the prices of every thing mad. Being in the beginning of the month, I'll order in a day or two for calsil insulation bricks and mortar. To be honest, I am becoming jealous over those who have brick ovens when I hear them talking about multiple day heat retention and want to start building a new brick oven in the garden too. The indoor steel one will be for getting what I want when I want, and the garden brick one will be for summer dinners and suppers. So I'm now picking up materials as long as I can.
      Thanks for being interested
      Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?
      I forgot who said that.


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        Re: Prime kebab feast

        G'day V12 spirit
        That's a pretty impressive feast. I showed my wife as she was impressed. She wants us to bring out the Tuscan grill again and try it with some kebabs.
        If you like cooking over coals the Tuscan grill will impress you. You bring you oven up to moderate temperature and let the fire die to coals. Then you put the grill in the oven mines just a BBQ grill lifted on 7 in bolts. The heat rises from the coals and is reflected down from the dome. Things cook real fast with that wood fired flavour, and tender its amazing. I've only used it once to cook a butterflied lamb shoulder, it was good. But I didn't do to well with the potatoes so I recon a bit more practice is needed.
        Keep that good food coming, at first its all about pizza but I'm slowly learning its really a wood fired oven not just a pizza oven.
        Regards dave
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          Re: Prime kebab feast

          Hi dave,
          I'm glad you and your wife like our feast. Thanks for suggesting the Tuscan grill, I'll be using it for grilling chicken, but the grills here have no legs, I'll be modifying one for my new oven. I'll keep posting good meals as long as we make them.
          Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?
          I forgot who said that.


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            Re: Prime kebab feast

            Looks great, those are the kebabs we make during our family gatherings.
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              Re: Prime kebab feast

              Awesome kebabs!
              Where can I find logs? I need more!
              Finishing the WFO will come after the barn is completed http://flinthousebarn.co.uk/