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Rack o' Pork!

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  • Rack o' Pork!

    Ok, it wasn't last night, but it was 2 nights ago…

    I am learning to drive my P-60 as I like to call it - the Primavera 60. I decided to try a Rack of Pork recipe I came across.

    To give credit, where credit is due here is the link the original recipe by Chef Dennis Littley: Oven Roasted Rack of Pork Recipe

    Often when I cook, I usually look up recipes and sort of combine a few to make them my own, or really to tweak them to my tastes. I used this recipe straight up except that I was making this in my WFO - which was really my focus. I am learning to drive this oven at different temperatures and lengths of time. Fun stuff as you all know.

    The recipe is pretty simple:

    Rinse and dry the roast
    Rub with Olive Oil
    Season with Sea Salt and Pepper and finish with a good amount of Montreal Sesaoning.
    Place on a bed of chopped celery, carrots and onion in a baking pan and place into your oven.

    The recipe called for doing 15 minutes at 450 degrees and then lowering it to 325 degrees for about 2 hours.

    That's a tough task in a live fire wood oven.

    I had made pizzas the day before and the oven walls were still about 200 plus degrees so I figured I could build a small fire and ease it up to around 300-350 ambient temperature. Parts of the oven walls were between 400-500 and I decided to let the fire die down at that point and let the heat soak in for a bit.

    When I put the roast in, I decided to close the oven door to stop the fire for a bit and use the apple wood smoke to further enhance the roast. I kept it closed for about 30 minutes. You can see the ambient temp in the pic is showing about 325. Pretty lucky. I figured I could fire it up with a log at the end to "sear" it more if needed.

    After 30 minutes I opened the door and the fire started up when it got it's oxygen. I rotated the roast a couple of times, but pretty much let it ride for about 2 hours.

    This was the most moist pork I've ever had! I think the addition of the smoke gave it a nice addition to the flavor profile as well.

    My kids came by and took most of the carrots as I was making the gravy in the pan as the roast rested!

    Last night, I sliced some of the left overs thinly and made a pizza - I'll be posting a story on Pizza Quest about that for sure.

    Anyway, this is a great recipe for sure!

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    A few more pics...

    *These left overs make a great pizza topping!


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      Re: Rack o' Pork!

      MAKING ME HUNGRY!!! That looks great Brad. See your using the brick as a shield good job. If I only had more time I would be using my oven more for dinners like that. I'm stuck to weekend baking. :-(



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        Re: Rack o' Pork!


        I have been playing with those thin fire bricks that I then cut in half. I thought using them for this roast would be a good idea so the roast didn't burn. I've tried them making pizza, but I think I like working without them which can cause charring, but I like that.

        I also use them to build a base to start a fire which is nice.

        The nice thing about this Primavera is that it doesn't consume much wood, take too much time to heat up, or leave much ash after. So, if I have a little time during the week, I can fire it up!

        I think I'm going to try some ribs after this experience. I was able to bring a fair amount of smoke into the equation, by simply shutting the door down before the wood had burned out. Once starved of oxygen, the wood smolders and creates plenty of smoke!


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          Re: Rack o' Pork!


          Here are a couple pictures of the Rack of Pork topped pizza. This was really nice. I'll be posting the whole thing on Pizza Quest soon!

          I used some herb oil, grated gouda with fresh mozzarella, sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced roasted pork, red onions thinly sliced, a few thinly sliced jalapeños and finished it with some fresh parsley. It came out really nice!


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            Re: Rack o' Pork!

            Yumm!!! That looks wonderful.


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              Re: Rack o' Pork!

              I found another use for this rack of pork! I'm still knocking off the left overs. Last night I sliced up the last 2 chops like I did for the pizza, but I tossed it into a pan on the stove on high heat with some olive oil. I sautéed it for a couple of minutes and added some cheese. I then threw it on a french roll and added some chopped chillies.

              Philly Cheese Steak - move over! There's a new sandwich in town!

              *Next time, I'll have to add some sautéed onions and maybe some peppers.