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Dessert Pizza

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  • Dessert Pizza

    I did not search posts. So, this may not be original. My guest wanted a dessert pizza so I told my wife (actually it was more of a suggestion) that it was her department. She rocked it by creating a spectacular, and easy dessert pizza. She start by rolling standard dough thin. Smeared it with marshmallow cream, covered it with milk and dark chocolate chips, topped it with walnuts. I was skeptical, way to easy and no research. Ohhh, she proved me wrong. Beginners Luck. Afterwards, I took a few temp readings. The oven had cooled a bit. She put the dessert pizza in with and oven floor at about 650F The only problem was we did not have the ingredients to satisfy the craving of our guest.

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    Re: Dessert Pizza

    Sounds like a nutty s'mores pizza, I bet it tasted great.

    Where is the photo?



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      Re: Dessert Pizza

      Mmm, sounds tasty.

      Another good one: thin-sliced strawberries, with finely chopped dark chocolate/chocolate chips sprinkled on either partway through baking or after it comes out of the oven.
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        Re: Dessert Pizza

        Ill have to give that a try. The kids love s'mores. We wowed our guests a few nights ago with the old standby: Nutella, marscapone, caramel sauce and pecans.
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          Re: Dessert Pizza

          Saturday night I did a Peach pizza, but it needs a bit of tweaking.. I sliced the peaches thin and sprinkled sugar doted butter around. After pulling the pizza I added a bit of cinnamon. The flavor was good, but the peaches released too much liquid.. Next time I think I'll build it like a crumble, with some rolled oats and flour or some such to absorb the liquid and add a bit of crunch. A little butter on the shell before adding the peaches might help to keep the pizza crust from going too soft. I also wonder about a thin layer of ground pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon baked off and then layered with fresh fruit.




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            Re: Dessert Pizza

            Chris, sounds good. You could also try some gram cracker crumbs. That would go good with the peaches and sugars and cinnamon. You can also pre-cook your peaches some with the sugar and butter and get a nice syrup that would also reduce the amount of juicing on the pie.


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              Re: Dessert Pizza

              The graham crackers are a good call, I'll give them a try and see where it takes things.. The idea of getting some caramelization of the sugar on fresh fruit is driving me, though I can see that I'm going to need to deal with the juice. Apricots with goat cheese and a walnut half on endive, or peaches or plums or... It's tough to beat what my French wife calls the perfume of really good fresh fruit..

              Yum, Summer is nearly here.

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                Re: Dessert Pizza

                S'Mores Pizza

                I was there. I tried it. It was delicious!


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                  Re: Dessert Pizza

                  I have never tried Dessert Pizza.

                  But it seems me tasty with yummy chocolate chips.......


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                    Re: Dessert Pizza

                    A favorite of our is S'mores pizza. Procedure and pic below

                    Par-bake a crust (I cook for like 45 sec, just enough to set it up)
                    Smear with Nutela (sauce)
                    Sprinkle with crushed graham crackers (next version I am going to knead the crumbs into the dough)
                    Sprinkle with mini-marshmallows

                    Bake for 30-40 more seconds, until marshmallows are brown.
                    Cut and enjoy...it is FABULOUS

                    This one was a BIT brown...but still good.
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                      Re: Dessert Pizza

                      Thanks vernonator. Now did the graham crackers kneaded in the dough work. I need to give that a try.


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                        Re: Dessert Pizza

                        I made a desert pizza last night with ricotta, fresh pear, blue cheese, mejool dates and this drizzled with honey.

                        It was a hit. Still working on this and will sprinkle some cinnamon next time. I had it with yoghurt but it would be good with ice cream.

                        Also thinking of using mascapone instead of ricotta on the base.

                        The original inspiration for this was from the forum and am not sure who to credit with that but thanks for the idea!
                        Cheers ......... Steve

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                          Re: Dessert Pizza

                          I don't make a lot of desert pizzas. I have made a cranberry sauce with chopped pecan one. I cooked down fresh cranberries in two batches. One I made sweet the other I added habanero powder to. The hot sauce is under the pecans, and I piecrusted the edges. It was good.


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                            Re: Dessert Pizza

                            The other uses marscapone, rum (Old Monk) soaked cherries and lemon zest, as well as a spin of EVOO.


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                              Re: Dessert Pizza

                              Saw this on the telly a few weeks back and it looks good
                              Fig and Mascarpone Calzone

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