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Whole Beef rump: Slow roasted

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  • Whole Beef rump: Slow roasted

    Hi all,

    I have been experimenting with slow roasting recently. I have tried pork shoulders, lamb chicken etc.

    It is time for BEEF! I'm looking for a way to feed 30 odd people and an upcoming family event.

    I had 8 people around for a poker game and decided to cook up some meat for dinner.

    I went to the wholesale butcher and they recommended trying a whole rump.
    The piece of meat I ended up with (see picture) was a whole yearling rump @ 4.8Kg and was about $8.99/kg.

    So the process:

    1. Take meat out of fridge a couple of hours before cooking to warm up. At this time I diamond scored the fat cap (just like you do with pork skin)

    2. I brushed a mixture of seeded mustard 2 tbs, cream horseradish 1 tsp, olive oil, salt 1tbs and pepper over the top of the fat cap which has been scored (see pic)

    3. Start fire. I started a small fire in the oven and moved it around as it burned. I got the floor of the oven up to about 250oC and the dome was at about 320oC. I then shoveled out the coals and left the door off to cool down. The oven was not totally saturated.

    4. When oven temp had dropped to about 130oC (remember oven heat not saturated so quick cool down with no heat present) start up the BBQ and grill all sides of the meat. (you could do this on a stove). Because we are cooking at low temp you still want the chard appearance and taste to the meat. With all the fat on top there was a lot of flare up so watch out. (see picture)

    5. I used a large heavy cast iron fry pan and layered cut potatoes on the bottom which were tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper. Meat then goes on top. (see picture)

    6. Smoking: All went in the oven with my coffee can (holes drilled all around) which was full of hot coals, apple-wood cuttings and rosemary stalks (see picture). I put the can at he back on the oven on a couple of bricks until it starts to smoke then close it up. I smoked for about 30mins.

    5. Leave it alone. I put in a probe thermometer after about 4 hours and it was at about 57oC which is rare. The oven was down to about 110oC at this time.

    6. I ended up leaving it in the oven for 6 hours and the oven temp was 95oC when the meat came out. Internal temp was 67oC. Now let it rest whole you get everything else organised. The meat was medium/well done at this stage.

    7. Pour off meat juices to make a gravy. Carve and eat when ready. I served it with coleslaw and bread rolls.

    The meat was smokey and tender. Guests were all very happy and went back for seconds and thirds! Next time I think I would stop shorter and go for medium. I would like to get my hands on a temp probe that I can leave in the meat and feed a wire to the outside so keep a better eye on it.
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    Re: Whole Beef rump: Slow roasted

    And the other pics!
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      Re: Whole Beef rump: Slow roasted

      Looks great cus. One question, why didn't you burn the oven clean?
      Check out my pictures here:

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        Re: Whole Beef rump: Slow roasted

        Originally posted by Les View Post
        Looks great cus. One question, why didn't you burn the oven clean?
        If I let the oven burn clean and saturate , then it would take too long to come down to the temp I needed to start the slow cook. After reading the following post, I thought I would try to see if I could get a long cook with a half heat up.


        And it worked so good to save time and wood.


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          Re: Whole Beef rump: Slow roasted

          Hey Cus,

          How did you control the smoking process? Did you seal up the oven tight with the door? Did you need to refill your coffee can smoker?
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            Re: Whole Beef rump: Slow roasted

            Originally posted by trapper View Post
            Hey Cus,

            How did you control the smoking process? Did you seal up the oven tight with the door? Did you need to refill your coffee can smoker?
            The one full coffee can smoked for about 30 mins. Yes the oven was sealed up, but smoke does come through door a little. In this case it was enough smoke, I have reloaded the can before when I did ribs. When I originally heated up oven I shovelled out the coals, so I have these on hand when reloading can.