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110 deg f, Who wants to cook outdoors?

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  • 110 deg f, Who wants to cook outdoors?

    Hello All,

    Who wants to cook during the longest heat wave in recent memory? I do, I do.

    The Phoenix, Arizona area is experiencing heat in excess of 110 deg f. Still, I have the need to cook food over coals and have a great option to firing up a wood fired brick oven. A tandoor can be ready in 25 minutes and is a great alternative to my 36" Pompeii and low dome pizza oven when the weather isn't cooperating. I wanted to experiment with some recipes that might also do well cooked over the hearth when the weather allows "standing in front of a hot oven".

    Last evening I rolled the tandoor to the edge of the patio next to the grass. I lit four pounds of lump charcoal and went inside to skewer the veggies and peanut sauce marinated chicken breasts. By the time I was done the tandoor was ready. Twenty minutes later we were enjoying tender delicious chicken and roasted veggies. For desert I skewered some apple slices and dusted them with sugar and cinnamon then set them in the tandoor. mmmm, yummy.

    I am confident I can cook these recipes in either of my ovens with a little ingenuity and careful placement of the skewers. I may even design a wrought iron rack to hold the skewers in a horizontal position over a bed of coals. The local tool store has welders on sale. Another project, yoohoo!


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    Re: 110 deg f, Who wants to cook outdoors?

    Sounds like fun!

    Our weather has been hot (over 100 F) since the end of May! We are approaching 100 days of that kind of heat....Fortunately, today is only supposed to be 85 F

    Tandor ovens do seem to have their place.
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      Re: 110 deg f, Who wants to cook outdoors?

      Aw, come on Bob - the Aussies do it all the time - heck, down under in the outback, that is morning temps

      I cooked out the other night when the temps dropped down to the low 100's. It was still a bear with so many pizzas to cook. Fortunately. my middle boy can man the oven so I can get a break.

      The down side to the weather is the mosquitoes (which get into the house) as the town has stopped fogging. Add to that, finding scorpions all over, it has been a bit of a challenge to keep up with the bug spraying and trapping.

      Oh well, it is the price we pay for 8+ months of awesome weather!
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        Re: 110 deg f, Who wants to cook outdoors?

        Hi Chris,

        Yep, we do have awesome weather....either awesome hot or awesome nice. When the weather gets a little cooler I'll put the tandoor away and use the wfo's. I've been sorting through my wood piles and stacking flat wood obtained from various sources...... even did a little maintenance on the front of oven #1.

        We discussed our outdoor kitchen ideas with a contractor. We'll put up a roof cover and concrete pads around oven #1 as a start. I hate to think about moving my wood piles again but that should be a quick job and another reason for a pizza party with lots of willing hands.


        Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

        Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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          Re: 110 deg f, Who wants to cook outdoors?

          I cant wait for the temp to get hot again, but when it does Ill be hanging out for winter again.
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