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Rack of Lamb, Potatoes and Creme Brulee

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  • Rack of Lamb, Potatoes and Creme Brulee

    I am trying to compile menus for a full day of firing. Over the weekend I cooked some Italian sausage on my griddle pan as I was firing up the oven...temp was about 450. I cooked the pizzas (put the cooked sausage on them), and served them with fresh asparagus (that I had boiled the day before for 8 minutes, then dunked in ice water, drained and added salt, lemon pepper and olive oil). The asparagus are good at room temp and can be eaten by hand like the pizza. Then, I took my creme brulee out of the fridge (made the day before, put demerara sugar on them, and stuck them in the oven maybe 10 seconds to carmelize the sugar.....ooh la la......a very good and very easy dessert. (I got the recipe from Alton Brown on the Food Network) Later in the day when the oven was cooler I cooked a rack of lamb (cooked about 12 minutes on my griddle pan....rotating positions, and a dish of roasted potatoes with rutabaga. Then I tried the famous macaroons. Honestly I should have waited an hour or two for the oven to cool more, but I was tired and ready to call it a day. Looking back, I think I should try the lamb chops on the way up the temp, let them rest and serve them as appetizers before the pizzas. One of these days I will provide pictures! By the way, a total stranger called me today and had heard about my WFO....is coming by tomorrow for a look-see.

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    Re: Rack of Lamb, Potatoes and Creme Brulee

    I love the idea of carmelizing the creme brulée in the WFO oven. Sure beats the propane torch.

    My newest trick is grilling chops and steaks in the oven at full pizza heat. I grill them on a roasting rack right on the floor - they brown on top instead of the bottom like in a barbeque.
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      Re: Rack of Lamb, Potatoes and Creme Brulee

      Originally posted by dmun View Post
      <snip> My newest trick is grilling chops and steaks in the oven at full pizza heat. I grill them on a roasting rack right on the floor - they brown on top instead of the bottom like in a barbecue.
      Do you mean like on a Tuscan Grill without legs. Is there anything under the grill, space or otherwise?

      I have cooked steaks on a Tuscan Grill with coals under the grill and I am always looking for new methods to use my FB WFO.

      J W


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        Re: Rack of Lamb, Potatoes and Creme Brulee

        My roasting rack for my roasting pan has little nubs on the bottom which raise it up maybe half an inch. I just put the chops on the rack, and slide it in the oven, and turn them in 6 minutes, just like the barbeque. You could do it in a pan, but why clean the pan when the oven floor cleans its self?
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          Re: Rack of Lamb, Potatoes and Creme Brulee

          I too have attempted to cook some things at full heat, but some things were too burnt on the outside and not done on the inside. The other night I tried the lambchops again, but this time AS the heat was going up. I kept a steady low fire all afternoon until guests arrived...I had nice glowing coals on the side and one log burning. I had coated the lamb with first lemon juice, then olive oil, mustard, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. I stuck a skillet in the oven and got it warm, then put the racks of lamb on the skillet with some oil. I kept turning them.....cooked them 15 minutes exactly. I then wrapped them in foil for 15 minutes, and proceeded to feed the fire to increase the temp. My friend cut up the chops and handed out for appetizers while we were assembling the pizzas. After pizzas we cooked a pear tart, and right before she and her family left, we both stuck pot roasts in the oven. Let it cook 3 hours and I took it to them the next day.