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Baked Bread

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  • Baked Bread

    Here are the baking photos.
    The oven fell from about 525F to 425F to 400F across three patches. I should add that I am a total amateur baker, my white dough was too wet and the baguettes weren't very well shaped (among other problems), but I think it shows that with a little effort it is pretty easy to make something really nice.
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    Which oven is this?

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    The oven fell from about 525F to 425F to 400F across three patches.
    I'm sorry, James. Which oven is this? Those seem like very respectable temps over three batches!

    Again, thanks for this forum!

    aka PizzaMan


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      It is a hybrid brick oven. Scott design, but with splits on their sides, so the dome is much thinner. I did a similar day of bakking with my Casa90 in Florence, and the results were pretty similar.

      I will do the some baking next in the Casa90 at our demo kitchen here, and tracking the temperature curve.

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