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I'm Peter Reinhart! Ask Me Anything! Monday, February 15, 2016 7:00-8:00 pm EST

To kick off our AMA feature, we have invited author, chef and master bread maker and host of Pizza Quest, Peter Reinhart, to be our first host! Peter will be in the Forum on Monday, February 15th, from 7:00 - 8:00 pm EST. If you are unable to be online during the live session, you can post your questions in the sticky post. Peter will answer those questions during the live session on February 15th. You can view Peter's answers to your questions as well as what happened during the live session in the session thread.

Ask Me Anything New Forum Feature

You will notice a new forum at the top of the main page called, "Ask Me Anything". This forum will be used for live one hour "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions hosted by people who are knowledgeable in different areas pertaining to wood fired ovens. How it works:
- Each AMA will have a "sticky" thread where the community can post questions they would like answered during the live session. This will allow everyone to participate even if you can't be online for the live session. These questions will not be answered by the host until the live AMA; if you need an answer quickly, you should post it in the appropriate Forum area for the community to respond.
- Another thread will be posted for the live AMA. Registered users who are logged in during the live session can interact with the host by asking questions and receiving responses.
- The live thread will remain in the AMA forum to view after the session.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! Please let us know if there is a topic that you'd like to have as an AMA and we'll look for a host!

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Today's bread!

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  • Today's bread!

    A little over proofed I think, but not too bad...I mixed the dough, did a couple of stretch and folds, and went to my Grandmother's 95th birthday party. I didn't think it would go as long as it did. It went a long time. Ended up doing a four hour bulk fermetation as a result. Turned out ok though....

    Note the Orangecello in progress in the background


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    Re: Today's bread!

    Hi Bill!

    Your proofing is about what most commercial bakers consider proper. The slashes open but only barely rip. I personally like more rip so I prefer being more "under". Your loaves look pretty good. Color is nice (they will tend to be grayer if you actually overproof much). Your shaping clearly leaves something to be desired (not bad but... it ill get better!). You are off to a good start.

    Given that your crust looks pretty thick and the color is moderate, I think you could probably increase the temp when you load by 20 degrees F or so but I like my boules on the dark side.

    Consider weighing your dough pieces and equalizing weight of the boules. (They look to be rather different sizes.) Having the same size loaves will help a lot as you get better.

    Do a few more S&Fs in the first hour (I often do two and sometimes three sets of four - one from each direction) at a half hour. Typically the same at one hour and one set of four (or fewer) at an hour and a half.) Total bulk is usually 21/2 to 3 1/2 hours for me depending on many factors.

    Nice job!


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      Re: Today's bread!

      Thanks Jay.

      I was all over the map on my loaf size. This sounds horrible...but I was sitting at my grandmother's 95th birthday and I was freaking out over the fact that I had 20 lbs of dough sitting in a storage bin proofing...twenty miles away.

      I mixed up my dough and started my bulk ferment around eleven thirty am. Got ready for the party and left for the restaurant around twelve-thirty. I was thinking that I'd be home by two-thirty at the latest. I figured, "How long can a birthday party for a ninety-five year old woman last." As it turned out, I was off by about two hours. Don't get me wrong...I love my Grandma and she is as sharp as a tack...had a ball at the party and it was a wonderful event. It's just that I didn't expect it to go so long and there's no way you can stand up at such an event and say, "Sorry, gotta go. My dough will be over proofed if I don't hit the road."

      So, by the time I got home I was rushing around like a mad man. Ran in and formed loaves...ran out and raked the coals out of the oven and mopped it out...ran back in and floured my baskets (banetons)...ran back out and set up a table by the oven to set the peels on. As it was, I completely forgot to slash the first batch of eight loaves. Didn't remember until fifteen minutes after they went in and I noticed my razor knife sitting unused on the table. Luckily, they were over proofed enough that they really didn't have enough CO2 left in solution to rapidly outgas and blow everything up. As you can see from the pics, several of the loaves have no slash marks...they just happened to split somewhat near the top.

      I did a total of fourteen loaves and, while thety may not be the prettiest things, they make a mean tomato and avocado sandwhich. Overall, I was happy with the way things turned out in light of the craziness.

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        Re: Today's bread!

        That is a lot of bread! You must have happy friends!

        Getting dough from the bannetons/couche to the oven is always hectic and trying to work fast is even harder. No wonder you got a bit crazy. After 12 years I am mostly in autopilot now but I definitely remember days like that!

        Bake On!