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Bread and Indigestion.

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  • Bread and Indigestion.

    Hi, i would kust like to check if anybody else has experienced this:
    I have been making bread rolls out of left over pizza dough for over a year now. They have been great for all this time. However over the past couple of weeks i have been suffering with serious indigestion. Through the process of elimiation i was able to pin point it to this bread.
    However i cannot see why this is happening. I cook the rolls the same way. In an oven at about 450F for between 12 and 14 minutes. They are fully cooked inside, sometimes my wife puts them into a zip lock bag before they are fully cooled, could this have any effect?
    Another thought could be when this started there may have been not fully cooked, but could this cause a long lasting problem?
    When i eat pizza or homemade wholegrain bread i have no problems so i am very confused.
    I would just like to know if anybody has ever experienced anything similar.

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    Re: Bread and Indigestion.

    I've never experienced that phenomenon. For me, things work just hte opposite... to the point where one of my standard pizza toppings is Pepcid.


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      Re: Bread and Indigestion.

      Every time I eat anything that has tomato paste in it I get an upset stomach. That's when I decided to start making my pizza
      I would have a shot at the answer, if I had the appropriate question.


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        Re: Bread and Indigestion.

        Gluten allergy?


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          Re: Bread and Indigestion.

          Hi Ben!

          As a weird thought... Try eating a roll with pizza sauce JUST on the odd case that the pizza sauce is neutralizing the effects.

          Also...just for curiousity, what is in the pizza dough? Not likely any clues but???


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            Re: Bread and Indigestion.

            I used to suffer with that never really pinned it down, sometimes after a couple of pints sometimes with processed foods bacon etc. Baked some bread recently and my oven wasn't hot enough to caramelize the crust (cooked through but looked pale and insipid) gave me indigestion big time !!!!!! so whilst i am not giving you any answers it is something to think about.


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              Re: Bread and Indigestion.

              You need to get your oven Hotter...