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Wood Splitter

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  • Wood Splitter

    Has anyone had any experience with a wood splitter? The logs I have are a little large and I find that smaller pieces work better. I bought a pedal type splitter from Amazon but it was terrible and I returned it.

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    Re: Wood Splitter

    Oh I'm sure you will get a lot of comments on wood splitters!

    I will start - I have used several. When I have a lot of wood to split I rent a tow-behind beast that is powerful and fast. For a lot of wood, I find speed to be a bigger issue than the power - but you don't want one that is underpowered either.

    I own a manual splitter from Harbor Freight which s fine for splitting 1-2 firings of wood.

    If I only need a few smaller pieces it is easiest to use a wedge (it looks like a large chisel) and a hammer. If the wood is dry you can split plenty of pre-cut pieces remarkably quickly


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      Re: Wood Splitter

      I have one of these. They really work well

      Amazon.com : Fiskars 7884 X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch : Patio, Lawn & Garden

      But I should note - I love spending an afternoon splitting firewood. I find it relaxing, and there's nothing as satisfying as seeing that stack of split wood when you're done.
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        Re: Wood Splitter

        Hi, we have been using electric log splitters for years. We bought the first one from lowes. The splitter worked well until I loaned it to a friend and it came back with a bent rail. I was unable to get the replacement part from the manufacturer and lowes refunded my money. I will put a link to our current splitter at the end of the post. This splitter lets me work from my wheelchair. It stores easily and takes little space in the vertical position. Bruce

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          Re: Wood Splitter

          You don't want to mess around splitting wood - get one of these and make us ALL jealous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0-1Rx1NNDY
          Check out my pictures here:

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            Re: Wood Splitter

            wow! I need one of those!!


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              Re: Wood Splitter

              I thought this was pretty cool... for kindling
              My build: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f8/4...way-19491.html


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                Re: Wood Splitter

                G'day steellearning
                That's a pretty" cool tool " I would really like one of those. I'm pretty much a one armed axe man due to an old injury. That would produce the sticks id like ( with or without the dramatic music "
                Regards dave
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                  Re: Wood Splitter

                  I still use an old Maul. Works best on Red Oak.

                  Most of the wood in the pile for the wood stove but the oven will be well have plenty.
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                    Re: Wood Splitter

                    We burn wood both in our WFO and to heat our home so we go thru a fair bit of wood each year. Three neighbors and I went together and purchased a much more expensive and better splitter than any of us could otherwise justify. Of course it is towable.

                    As we own it we can basically take as much time as we want splitting wood rather than being under a time constraint using a rental unit. Maintenance has been low as it has a quality Honda motor and one of us in our group has spare space in his garage so it is stored indoors.

                    If you have neighbors also burning wood this might be a worth considering.

                    Hope this helps,


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                      Re: Wood Splitter

                      It depends on how much wood you have to split. At most I've had a 1/2 cord to split at a time and hence I've found a mall to work fine as our spruce and birch is fairly easy to split except when you get into spruce with lots of limbs. For kindling I just use an axe.

                      If you're just splitting up larger pieces for the WFO I can't see going to the expense of a wood splitter. Also if you have a chainsaw you can cut up the occasional large piece. You can also use a chainsaw to cut an X in the end of the log to give the mall or wedge a starting place and it makes it much easier to split.


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                        Re: Wood Splitter

                        In Australia our hardwoods are all eucalypts and most of it is quite hard to split, some extremely so. I find simply cutting the lengths shorter, say less than a foot, makes splitting far easier.
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                          Re: Wood Splitter

                          Hello All

                          I may need to get a wood splitter. I have just scored a couple of loads of Oak. Some of it is about 30" diameter,

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                            Re: Wood Splitter


                            Good score on the wood!

                            I would suggest that the answer as to purchasing a splitter would be determined by asking is this a one time occurrence or something that will occur several times a year?

                            If it is a one time occurrence: I would rent.

                            If it is something that looks like it will happen once every year on a ongoing basis: then I would still rent.

                            Something ongoing (as in several times a year): then certainly I would purchase a splitter.

                            All that being said, having tools is cool and fun and so if you can afford a splitter and want one, then get one. (I knew a guy once who bought a riding lawn mower and he had a residential sized yard. He wanted the mower and could afford it so he bought it. No further justification needed).

                            Hope this helps,


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                              Re: Wood Splitter

                              Hello Wiley

                              Went back today to get the last two logs. Someone had got one of them before I got there so I only got one.
                              That one had the most knots, probable why they left it.

                              This type of log score is not common for me so buying a log splitter will probable not be something that I will do right now. Renting is a better option and I may put one of the logs on my Wood Mizer Sawmill as it looks like a nice white oak. The slabs off the log still burn great.
                              I find that red oak splits easier with a maul. White oak can be tough.

                              The maul gives you a good work out if your back will stand it.