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What temperature should my oven floor be?

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  • What temperature should my oven floor be?

    Hi, I just built my oven last week and have been firing it everyday since. Last night was the first night I actually cooked in it. I tried to make a pizza and it ended up taking about 20 mins to cook. The floor temp was around 340.

    I am using the Giardino70 and on the instructions it says it takes 20 mins to get to temperature. I have a fire going for about an hour and half before I tried to make a pizza.

    #1. What oven floor temp do you cook your pizza at?
    #2. How long does it take to get to that temp?

    Thanks for you input !!!

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    Re: What temperature should my oven floor be?

    I'm still new to this whole wood-fired thing, but I'll take a shot at answering your questions. I get our ovens floor temp to the mid to upper 700's. Your 340 isn't hot enough unless your talking Celsius and you'd still be a bit low then.
    Two issues could be happening here, and if someone with a bit more knowledge thinks otherwise please chime in. You may need to fire your oven longer to get the heat saturation level up. Sounds weird, but you really need to pack the heat in.

    If your oven however has little or poor insulation then you may struggle to reach the high temps. Firing for 1 and half hours sounds like a long time, but if you have a larger oven (mines a primavera 60 so it heats quickly) it may require you fire for several hours to reach the higher temps. Hope this helps, good luck.



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      Re: What temperature should my oven floor be?

      A good temperature balance between the dome temp and floor is what you are looking for. A general range would be 75*-125* difference, with the floor having the lower temp between the two surfaces.

      Take this as a suggestion, not the law, because every oven behaves differently. Additional, my recommendation is from hearing about or reading about successful operating temps from other builders. I don't have or use thermocouples or IR guns....but I kind of want a new toy, so one is in my future.
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        Re: What temperature should my oven floor be?

        If the walls did'nt burn off the soot, then it is'nt hot enough for pizza...I would guess you should be less timid and get it roaring..i.e. more wood...and for longer...
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          Re: What temperature should my oven floor be?

          Originally posted by tylerc66 View Post

          #1. What oven floor temp do you cook your pizza at?
          #2. How long does it take to get to that temp?

          Thanks for you input !!!
          The oven floor temperture of mine cooks best between 650* and 750*. Over 750 and I have a difficult time keeping it from burning the bottom of the pizza. The question of how long It takes to get there I have learned, is very oven dependent. My oven is taking around 90 to 120 minutes to clear the walls and dome and then I let it rest for a bit to stabilize the floor temps.

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            Re: What temperature should my oven floor be?

            No stick of wood thicker than you wrist. You want a wide fierce fire that doesn't leap flames out the doorway.
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              Re: What temperature should my oven floor be?

              I have a home-built 32 inch Pompeii oven.

              I aim for a floor temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit before cooking. The inside roof is typically about 900 degrees at that time.

              It takes me about 75 minutes to get the oven from cold to cooking temperature.