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Terracotta bakeware

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  • Terracotta bakeware

    I notice that FB sells some Italian terracotta bakeware and highly recommend it for your wood fired oven if you're going to bake or slow cook in it.

    Yesterday I was searching ceramics shops in Gata and ran across a pile of rustic terracotta dishes. They were obviously hand made and had a rough texture to them. There were in three very dusty piles, with each piece separated by cardboard. We bought 6 pieces!!

    They are heavy and guaranteed for wood fired ovens. My favorite are the oval ones which have a pouring spout on one end and a clay chunk handle at the other end....allows you to drain off the fat and juices!

    The round flat one is interesting. I thought it might be fun for a pizza server. It's glazed....could it be a pizza stone? My pizza stone is unglazed....have you found glazed pizza stones?

    Now comes the cooking test....
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    sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!

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    Re: Terracotta bakeware

    Hey Jim,

    I think you are going to really enjoy your bakeware -- there is something special about terracotta in a wood-fired oven. I think it has something to do with the way terracotta makes a moist, gentle heat.

    I've read that soaking your bakeware for an hour before you cook with it the first time helps cure it and minimized cracking.

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      Re: Terracotta bakeware

      Thanks for the tip, I'll try the soaking.
      sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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        Re: Terracotta bakeware

        By the way James, I was in one of the local ceramics stores and there was a sign above the terracotta bakeware recommending soaking for 24 hours before using (the first time?). So that's what I did with the new stuff. Can't oversoak it I guess!
        sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!