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chocolate/marshmellow pizza

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  • chocolate/marshmellow pizza

    I am pretty sure I saw this on another thread but here it is anyway. Use regular dough mix. Break chocolate bar in little pieces and sprinkle on dough. Put into over, when almost done pull out and add small mellows. Put back in till mellows turn brown. Fantastic. I had some kids over from my track team, they loved it.

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    Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

    Smores! What an idea! No graham crackers?
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      Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

      No graham crackers, my wife and all the kids couldnt believe how good it was. Still like the regular smores but this is a great change!!!


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        Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

        Smores--My wife might get on board with ideas like this!


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          Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

          Great idea! We do something like this with those "pudgy-pie" makers that you can put in a camp fire. Two slices of bread with marshmallow and chocolate in between, in the fire until toasty. The kids really go for it, but you have to have a very sweet tooth!
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            Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

            What a waste of good chocolate.
            I'd eat it before putting it on a pizza!

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              Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

              Originally posted by dbhansen View Post
              Great idea! We do something like this with those "pudgy-pie" makers that you can put in a camp fire. Two slices of bread with marshmallow and chocolate in between, in the fire until toasty. The kids really go for it, but you have to have a very sweet tooth!
              I remember cherries between bread and do the same thing when I was a kid. Tried it a while back and there is a big difference in the cast iron ones from the 60s to the aluminum stuff today.

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                Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

                We just did this on the fouth. We sprinkled a little cinnamon and sugar on the crust first then added the chocolate. We found it's best to cook the "smore" pizza without the marshmallows first, we then added the marshmallows at the end so they don't burn.



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                  Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

                  im interested with this..do you have pictures?
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                      Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

                      Sorry, I do not have a picture. It acually looks very good, marshmellows get nice and dark but not black, the taste is really great. Everyone loves it after a long day of eating pizza and drinking some beer. Make sure you use Hershey bars not any other chocolate. Use good marshmellows also, the cheap ones seem to burn quicker.


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                        Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza

                        When I cooked mine, I found some Tia Maria choc sauce, so I used that. I rolled out the base (dont normally do that, but I wanted it very thin and crispy..almost like a biscut), put the choc sauce all over the base. I then added the white and pink marshmellows all over and in it went. You need to watch the pizza cook, and when the marsmellows start to melt...they spread all over the choc sause base! Just as they start to brown...pull it out and dust with icing sugar. Fan bloody tastic!!!


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                          Re: chocolate/marshmellow pizza


                          The Tia Maria sauce sounds unreal. I also highly recommend berries (frozen raspberries in particular) on top of the chocolate and then topped with marshmallows. Really good!

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