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Brick Oven Figs, Honey and Greek Yogurt

We have had the good fortune to have fig trees at homes in Italy, France and California -- where we also had a brick oven. Like brick ovens, olive oil, grapes and wine, figs have been a part of our culinary history for thousands of years.

This dish uses the top and bottom heat of a brick oven to heat the figs, brown the top of the dish into a nice glaze, and make a nice natural sauce.

One pound of ripe figs (about 4-6 per person)
4 TBS of honey
One container of Greek yogurt

Cut the figs in half and arrange in a terra cotta pan with the cut side up.

Drizzle the honey over the figs.

Using heat retained in your brick oven, bake the figs uncovered until they are heated through, and the tops are brown and glazed. This only takes a few minutes, so bake the figs right before you serve them. It should only take a few minutes in a moderately hot oven.

Drizzle the Greek yogurt over the hot figs and put the baking dish directly on the table.

Finally -- a great brick oven dessert recipe. La dolce vita.


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You can replace the Greek yogurt with natural yogurt, creme fraiche, or mascarpone.

I've never tried it, but a drizzle of liquor might be nice.