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Yeast is Free (well, almost)

Every year or so it time to buy yeast again. At least that’s how it feels. I really did run out of Dry Active Yeast the other day, and luckily had already scheduled a trip to Costco for vegetables, so I could stock up.

What really struck we was how inexpensive yeast can be — if you buy in bulk. I don’t remember the exact cost, but 2 lbs. were only a few dollars. A little bit of mental math yields the following:

2 lbs = 908 grams / 2.5 grams per loaf = 363 loaves per bag. So if the yeast was $3.60, that means it costs $.01 per loaf. Not bad.

One quick side note. We get a reasonable amount of email asking if it really is OK to just add your dry yeast straight to your flour, without proofing it first, and without adding any type of sweetener to help it become active — as all of our recipes recommend. And the answer is a big YES!


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