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The Race That Wasn’t

Of course they cancelled the New York Marathon, so I missed the opportunity to be a part of that great city for a couple of hours — though I am looking forward to trying again next year. With all that has happened in NY and New Jersey, I think the decision to cancel the race was a good one; sometimes bad things happen that are beyond our control, and the timing is just so bad there isn’t anything we can do about it. It would have been better for Mayor Bloomberg to cancel the race earlier than he did, allowing runners who did not want to fly into New York without the race to stay home. But from what I gather he is a full-speed ahead person, and there are times where we all have to make decisions based on imperfect information. We just have to do our best.

Of the 47,000 runners who were registered for the race, I am probably one of the more lucky ones. I flew to Boston to see our oldest daughter at college, and was planning to take the train down on Saturday morning. In fact, I was jogging on a treadmill watching the news on Friday when the announcement was made. Ironic. So, I stayed in Boston on Saturday, enjoyed the time with our daughter, and flew home Saturday evening. Plus, my goal race for the year is the California International Marathon (CIM) December 2, and I was treating the NYC marathon as a training run.

Running friends who had already made the trip (including a running club member from New Zealand), met up and ran through New York today. According to a friend from California:

Well that was amazing. What do thousands of runners do when there’s no race? They show up in Central park and go for a run, of course! The entire 6-mile loop looked something like this, a big rolling international party. The Italians were the loudest, the French ran against the flow. There were even people with cowbells and signs. My favorite: “You trained for longer than Kim Kardashian was married!”

We all wish the people of NY and New Jersey the best as they try to put the pieces back together.

One last note. Our daughter is studying engineering at MIT, and that fine school was recently named the best university in the world by a well-respected English publication. Go Beavers! Here is the cover of the Boston Magazine is the story titled “MIT Rising. How Harvard Became the Second Best School in Cambridge”.

Meanwhile, we have lots of exciting news coming up on pizza ovens, baking, oven accessories and outdoor fireplaces. In time for the Christmas season! Stay tuned.

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