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Sourdough Focaccia

This is a fun weekend bread. 100% white flour; in the case Central Milling Tipo 00.

sourdough focaccia

I pulled off 180 grams of my starter (and fed it) around noon, and built it up to a 300 gram/72% hydration focaccia formula. By the math, the starter was 80 grams of flour and 100 grams of water, so to finish the dough I added 220 grams of flour, about 115 grams of water, 6 grams of salt and a splash of olive oil.

There is no doubt that sourdough starter takes a lot more time to develop bread dough than cultured yeast, but after about 6 1/2 hours on the proof setting in my oven (a consistent 85F), it got there. I topped it with salt, rosemary and a little drizzle of olive oil.

The bread was crunchy and chewy and it had a lot more character than a basic white bread focaccia.

Meanwhile, my sourdough starter is getting a little more tangy every day. I think I’m going to leave it out and feed it one more time tomorrow, and then we’re good, and I’ll start storing it in the refrigerator, and only feeding it when I bake.


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