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New Terracotta Bakeware from Spain

Just in time for Christmas. We have established a direct import relationship with a large Spanish terracotta bakeware manufacturer, and we have their wonderful casseroles and baking pans in stock, and ready to ship! The perfect present for the pizza oven lover in your family. I have always enjoyed rustic bakeware, and I think the Spanish make the best terracotta. Our manufacturing partner has been making terracotta for over 100 years (incredible). Our family has an oval casserole that we bought in Spain 20 years ago that still works great. We are really excited about this.

Our producer makes two grades of terracotta bakeware — they call them clay and stoneware. We are stocking only the higher-grade (and more expensive) stoneware. I think you will really like the way it looks.

We are stocking ovals, rectangles and covered round casseroles. These pans are perfect for roast vegetables, rice dishes, lasagne, eggplant Parmesan, Tuscan beans and stews (think Chicken Cacciatore).

You can find it in the Forno Bravo Store for immediate shipment.

Here are the photos!

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