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Marathon Racing in the New Climate Normal

Sometimes it seems as though everyone has their own anecdote about climate change, and of course many of them a lot more serious than mine. But I just left the registration Expo for the California International Marathon, so here goes.

The weather forecast for tomorrow at race time calls for heavy rain with a 25 mph headwind. Not conducive to fast running. haha. Rain isn’t bad at all, but headwind is a killer. A number of running friends have decided to not fly in for the race, and they are finding other local races over the next few weeks. This comes on the heels the Boston Marathon (hottest race day ever), Big Sur (stiff headwind), and NYC (cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy).

It’s too bad, as I have been training to see if I could pull off a 2:51:59; or 2 hours plus less than your age. It’s pretty rare, but it’s going to have to wait until next year.

I promise I am not complaining — I had a great Ultra in Marin this summer and I’m happy at every level to be healthy and running. I also think tomorrow should be a memorable experience in its own right. But having a hobby that relies on the weather gives you a certain perspective.

So now it’s time to start thinking about 2013, staying healthy and hoping for some typical weather. I’ll you know how tomorrow’s run in the puddles goes.

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