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Every Forno Bravo oven (other than the Artigiano) is made in our own factory in Marina, CA (Northern California). I am extremely proud of our manufacturing team and their commitment to high quality, American-based manufacturing. Over the past three years we have continually added new manufacturing personnel, capacity, capability, equipment, and experise. In terms of we pure real estate, we have tripled our footprint in a little more than two years. We have made thousands of really great pizza ovens.

Beyond the basic numbers, such as square feet and head count, we have also developed a large number of “softer” assets. We have improved our refractory technology by introducing the new, third generation of FB Castable (you can read more about that here), the material we use to cast our oven domes and vents (that is made using raw materials manufactured in the American midwest), and we have developed a great deal of technology and expertise that no one will ever see—in the equipment, molds and processes that we use to physically manufacture our products. We are constantly improving the way we cast our products, resulting in smoother surfaces, sharper edges, fewer air pockets, and oven pieces that fit together tightly and accurately (and don’t have unattractive grinder marks).

Plus, we do all of our wonderful finish stucco work, paint and glazes, and all of own metal work in house, and the craftsmanship of our stands and enclosures is excellent. Just beautiful.

Friday pizza party
Andiamo prototype

Many of our ovens are tested to UL and NSF standards, and our factory is inspected by the Intertek Testing Laboratories on a regular basis. Also, we work hard to be a good corporate citizen, and we provide our employees with medical insurance and accrued Personal Time Off (PTO). There has been a great deal of attention in the media over the decline of the U.S. manufacturing base, and of course small manufacturers like Forno Bravo are dwarfed by losses in the heavy industrial manufacturing sectors, but every bit helps.

One reason I want to share this is that, in general, I believe in business transparency. In the Internet age, I think a higher degree of transparency is the right strategy for businesses and it is better for our customers and community members. After all, Forno Bravo is the company that published the free Pompeii Oven eBook—to take the mystery out of pizza ovens and wood-fired cooking. How many companies would go out of their way to show you how to not buy their product? haha. In the days before Forno Bravo and the Pompeii eBook, pizza ovens were extremely expensive in the U.S. and it was very difficult to build a real brick oven in your backyard. I experienced it first hand. I am equally proud of the role that Forno Bravo have played in shedding light on the pizza oven market and helping drive costs down and sales volumes up.

I am also writing this post on a more practical level. We have a couple of small competitors in the market who seem to think that it is in their best interest to spread mis-information on Forno Bravo. If you have talked with other pizza oven companies recently, you will know who they are, and you know that they will tell you that the Forno Bravo ovens are made in China. Now I am a really competitive guy (heck, I am a nationally ranked marathon runner) and I really like winning—but I don’t think lying is the right way to win. It’s like cheating in sports, and at some point you get caught. It’s also pretty offensive to our production manager and our team. So, the next time someone tells you that Forno Bravo ovens are made in China, you should tell them that they should be ashamed of themselves.

I also think about it this way; if some of our competitors are willing to lie to you about my company and where we manufacture our products, what else are they willing to not tell you the truth about?

But I don’t want to end this post on a sour note. We have come a far way since Forno Bravo was founded eight years ago, and the real winner has been you—the consumer. We have significantly increased the quality and lowered the cost of modular pizza oven kits, we have introduced new assembled oven designs, ovens on wheels and ovens that you can set up without any tools, and we are on the verge of introducing an oven that two guys can bring to a party. It’s been a great ride and we are just getting started.

More choices, lower prices and better quality. That sounds like a good market dynamic to me.

19 thoughts on “Made in the USA

  1. Forno Bravo is the best! I took the Pompei Ebook to heart and built my own oven. Your modular kits look really tempting, but I live overseas and it would be very difficult to bring them over.

    Thanks to what I have learned at the forums and the rest of the site, my family and friends enjoy terrific pizza dinners. And I enjoy making them!

  2. Thank you for this blog post! I am a Forno Bravo dealer and have seen first hand how other pizza oven kit makers tell interested consumers that Forno Bravo ovens are made in China. I can’t tell you how mant times I had to respond to this question. Honestly, I am no expert in manufacturing and would rather talk to these potential customers about the project build out, true Naples style pizza, entertaining their friends and family and the joy of cooking in a wood fired oven.


    • Hi Michael,

      One of the reasons I wrote this Blog posting was to give you content that you can share with customers. Please feel free to link to this posting and give this link to potential customers who are doing their research. A couple of companies and a couple of individuals are behaving badly (we know who they are), and what they are doing just isn’t right. Good luck with the selling process.

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  4. I am looking into buying one of your Wood Burning Pizza Oven kits and have a question: Do I need to get a permit to have one built in my yard?
    I live in Naples, Florida

    • I live over in Miami and just bought an assembled primavera 60. It is awesome, you should not need a permit but I highly recommend you get it already assembled

  5. Iam buzy importing pizza ovens for domestic/residential use from Italy for South Africa. I like your product how can I get to import for South Africa your products. I need the details of the manufacturer please.
    Kind regards

  6. I am looking for a Mobile Catering Kitchen Pizza Truck where it can either use Gas or wood, as I wood rather have the opportunity to convert from either means so that I can continue to make Pizza if gas ere an issue. I am looking for a vehicle with a full size kitchen with sleeping quarters and rest room capabilities so that I and my wife and Son can Travel all through out the United States and bring a taste of happiness to all who tries (PTSD Pizza ) by Mike and Dustin. Please contact me if your able to assist us as I am drawing up our Businesses Plans and may have a few investors already. I know we can do this and be able to apply our Growth with rapid results as our work is like that of the Humanistic Art Movement as our Pizza will will turn a Frown up-side down and create a smile of wholesome goodness from providing all Pizza Lover’s by eating our Home Made Pizza from Bottom up. Please call (505) 369-0731 home of (505) 907-2482 Cell *(Cell is always down from the 26th to the 1st of each month). This is due to Medical issues on behalf of Wife who during this time needs my direct attention, however; Home phone can be contacted 24/7 without issues.


    Michael J Pickup, (DAV-USMC).
    College Student at National American University

  7. Has anyone used the Napolino oven yet? I love the look of this oven and would like some information on it please!

    Thank you, Chad

      • But the venting is totally different. Why are there no pictures of cooks using this oven or videos? Please send me some if you have some. I am VERY interested in this oven!

  8. Hi, just wondering if there are any forno bravo distributers in Canada? If not, would be interested in opening a forno bravo sales center. Would be interested in any opportunities thatmay exist.

    Brian Smith

  9. Hello
    First time looker and very much interested in a mobile dome wood burn oven
    I m all ears open to constructive (pun intended) input.

  10. Hi James, just installed a Casa2G90 and really excited, a little concerned about curing it so hope I do you guys proud. Frank, Melbourne Australia.

  11. Hi. We are interested in what is involved in being a dealer for Forno Bravo. Location would be in or near Brevard, NC. Thanks!!

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