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It does exactly what it’s designed to do

We came across a nice posting on the FB Forum on a customer’s experience with the Premio2G that I think is worth sharing.

“With the oven cured we had a party this weekend and made 24 medium sized pizzas.  Some lessons learned. It does take from 60 to 90 minutes to gently bring the heat up to 900F.  We started cooking when the floor was 700F and that seemed to be good for us.  At some point the floor was close to 800F and it took very close pie management to keep things from burning.  We had one person on dough, one person on toppings, and one person at the oven.  We managed to do 24 pies in about an hour.  Less is more with the toppings.   Buffalo mozzarella is just amazing.  Olives add a nice touch.  Items like bell peppers just didn’t seem to cook in the 90 seconds to 2 minutes required to cook a pizza.  I’m going to guess more heavily loaded pies would work better at a lower temp, but I’m sure there’s a technique I have got yet.  The Forno Bravo oven is well designed.  It does exactly what it’s designed to do.  It really does work as advertized.  So few things in this world do that.  We had small bits of hardwood at the ready to toss in the fire during the process.  At piece or two every 15 minutes seemed to work best for us.”


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