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Healthy Loaf Bread

My healthy loaf bread experiment is continuing to relative success. It’s interesting that the shape of the loaf and the relative softness of the crust can matter so much to a bread’s appeal to the masses — well, my family. My loaf-shaped bread seems to be working (though I still prefer boules).

This loaf has 10% white flour, along with 45% white whole wheat and 45% whole wheat, oat bran and sunflower seeds, and olive oil, honey and molasses. I’m trying to push the boundaries of bread that I like, and my desire to eat healthy, without going over the line.

The white flour question is an interesting one. I read a posting on a sports-training blog where they recommended that you treat all foods with white flour as dessert. The logic is that all white flour products are basically “cake”, and that highly refined white flour is a relatively modern invention. Food for thought.

On a related topic, I am still wrestling with my KitchenAid mixer. With wet doughs, it seems to push all the ingredients to the side and it never really makes a dough ball. I have to stop the machine and push the the flour to the middle. Blah. Im sure I will work it out; but I would not get the KitchenAid if I could do it again.


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