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Headlands 50

Speaking of hobbies. I have decided to run the Headlands 50 in Marin County on Sept 15th. It’s a 50 mile race with nearly 10,000 ft in elevation gain and loss. It’s two 25 mile laps of the same course, where I ran my first trail marathon last year, and I can say that the trails are pretty wild. Great views of the Pacific, the headlands, and the Golden Gate bridge and some scary cliffs.

Best case, I could win 50+. Worst case, I crash and burn and don’t finish. But that’s half the fun of distance running. You just never know. Maybe I can break 10:30.

I was considering the Vineman Ironman in Healdsburg, but after my knee injury healed, I fell back into my old habits of running. Beside, I’m a terrible swimmer.

You can see more on the race here:

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