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Embers Wood Fired Pizza Hits the Road

We received a really nice note from the guys at Embers Wood Fired Pizza in Steamboat Springs CO — and I wanted to share it with you.


My name is Adam Mackey. I purchased an oven from you (casa2g100) about 5
months ago, mounted it on a trailer, and have started a mobile wood fired
oven catering company, “Embers Wood Fired Pizza” in Steamboat Springs, CO.
I am curious as to how I can be listed on your portable wood fired oven

Also wanted to say that the oven is amazing, and we have had an extremely
good experience so far at our local farmer’s market, with many, many happy
customers, so wanted to say thanks for the great customer service and the
amazing product.


Adam Mackey
Owner/Chef, Embers Wood Fired Pizza

Isn’t that great? :-)

We’ll be adding them to the FB Via Portable Wood-Fired Catering directory, and we want to wish them the best of luck!


One thought on “Embers Wood Fired Pizza Hits the Road

  1. Hi Adam, Congrats on your new business! Are you vending this winter at all…or in April when I’ll be in Steamboat? I wanna try your pie! I too started my wood fired catering biz 1.5 years ago, by building an oven into a trailer. Mine happens to be self contained with a Woodstone oven, but I’m about to drive to Steamboat Springs to ski for a day or tow, and then to Ft. Collins to pick up my NEW Forno Bravo 48″ (120cm) on a single axel concesionair trailer from Joe Pergolizzi at “The Fire Within” in Ft. Collins….VERY excited to have a second rig to grow my business which has much more market demand than I can handle here in Fairfield County, CT. I’d love to check out your food and your set-up IF you’re working in April, (maybe too early I dunno). Of course, if you have any local insight on what to do while I’m there, (other than ski and eat real pizza)! I saw a guy on YouTube touting the Strawberry Hill Natural hot springs, that still open? Sounds just like the natural hot springs I used to hang out at when I lived in Sun Valley, ID. Anyway, check out my web site of you like, and of course I’d love to talk to you about ovens, skiiing, Steamboat, and I’d be happy to share with you what I have learned being in this biz for 1.5 years…maybe I can help you, I hope. I’m also member of TWO online forums of wood fired mobile oven owners around the country…we share all kinds of info, ideas and reources, and they hav been an INVALUABLE help to me as I’ve grown our biz…We’re at Best Regards, Bruce Lyon, Chef/Owner, Victoria’s Wood Fired Pizza Catering 203-994-2359

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