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Boston 2014

Monday was a beautiful day in Boston. Perfect weather for running, it was clear and chilly, with almost no wind; runner friends had converged on Boston from all over the planet; the crowds cheering on the runners were fantastic; the race organizers and volunteers are the best, and my daughter and her friends are having a great college experience across the river in Cambridge — and we all have a lot of fun when we get together. These are the things that really matter, and they are the things that make all of our community events, whether it’s the local 5K or a big city marathon, so special. And Boston is the best.


MIT at Night

I was through the finish area safely ahead of the events, but one friend in our running group was close enough to hear the noise and feel the air move, and another was guiding a disabled runner and they were still on the course, and they had to work their way through the chaos to find their families.

Word in the runner community is that Boston 2014 is going to be huge. Which makes perfect sense; the running community, Boston and our society are strong and we are looking to the future with confidence. Everyone who is fast enough to qualify wants to be there to support Boston and our community. Runners are even going to come out of retirement to re-qualify, just to give their support.  I will be proud to be there.

Of course I am not from Boston. But here are two articles that I appreciated from Boston-native writers.

Strength in the Face of Evil

Messing with the Wrong City



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