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Mobile oven by Il Pizzaoilo

Il Pizzaoilo owns several restaurants using Forno Bravo ovens in the Northern California Area.  You can find them on our Restaurant Locator.

They also build and sell mobile pizza ovens in all sizes.  The unit below is based on the Casa oven series.  While smaller than the Professionale series more commonly used in mobile catering, as you can see the Casa oven provides a nice compact and mobile oven for smaller scale catering companies.  If you are interested in one of their turn-key mobile catering ovens, you can reach them direct through our Dealer Locator, just enter Sacramento.

This model can make 60 pizzas an hour.

Il Pizzaoilo_mobile

Chef Bart Hosmer – Not Just Pizza

So we are over a month in to Chef Bart adding his take on wood fired cooking to our community cookbook and we find ourselves getting excited about the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up and wood fired dishes besides the traditional pizza for your family feast.

What could be better than sitting around a fire and cooking up some Carmelized Apple Pizza for a dessert.

Or maybe you prefer fire roasted clams with Andouille sausage as an appetizer.

We are open to suggestions, just post your own culinary creations apple pizza - small




Custom Tile work – Napoli ovens

Many of our Restaurant customers ask for custom tile work, but these options are available on any of our tiled ovens (Napolino, Vesuvio or Napoli).  Nor is this customization limited to color changes, but can be names, family crests or logos.

This oven shows an example of a Napoli oven with a custom logo for the restaurant.

Napoli 120

Napoli 120

A Beautiful, Blue Napolino

We took this photograph internally, and I wanted to share it with you. Please forgive the factory stuff in the background — I really hope you like the vibrant, blue glossy tiles on this custom Napolino oven. And the light grey tiles are a nice accent.

This is the No Stand version destined for an outdoor kitchen island.

We have more interesting product news coming on tiled residential ovens, so stay tuned for that. And if you are interested in having a custom Napolino made for your outdoor kitchen island, let us know.

Blue Napolino