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A Girl and Her Dragon takes flight! – May 7th


It’s official, Kylie’s Dragon has taken flight,  (still waiting for the Dragon to be named).  It started a little rocky, as debut’s often do, but, they got it straightened out fast and the launch of A Girl and her Dragon Wood Fired Pizza Catering was a fiery success.  Over a hundred attendees and students at the Nueva School’s Quest night were able to take a break from seeing projects and grab a quick bite of wood fired pizza.

I was particularly impressed with how organized the food prep and serving area’s were.  A great location between the main thoroughfare in the school’s courtyard was the perfect place for attendees to take a quick break and enjoy some free pizza.  YES, I said free, many diners asked how much, but founder / CEO Kylie was adamant that her debut would offer free pizza to all her class mates and Quest guests.  This was after all about presenting her Quest, starting a Wood Fired Pizza business.

Despite the free pizza, Kylie and her supporting cast (Paul, Al and Piper who sets the standard for a generation’s work ethic) worked long into the night to make sure everyone was fed, attendees first, then weary students worn out from their own Quest presentations.  Kylie even made sure she kept a gluten free pizza in reserve for one hungry customer.

Don’t think the Dragon can’t afford to be fed, from what I heard, A Girl and her Dragon will be busy all summer, pre-booked for several months out.

Forno Bravo was honored to be invited to attend Quest night and had an amazing time.  It was incredible seeing all the projects from these extraordinary teenagers.  Drawing upon support from their school, mentors and family, these students composed poetry, music and art; created learning aids to assist dyslexics, programmed a randomly generated world that re-constructs itself while you play the game and so many other amazing projects I could blog for a decade and not scratch the surface.  I even spoke with a young man who designed a game credit app that allows users to earn credits based on how much energy their family saves (yes, you read that correctly).

Thanks to the Holland Family for including Forno Bravo in this incredible experience.

As promised, Kylie has agreed to share her journey into business and the wood fired community.  Her first post is ready to go, but we wanted to tee it up.

Here is a quick excerpt from the Chef herself:

“And so it begins….My quest began sometime in June 2014, sitting with a glass of lemonade and more family members than you could shake a pizza peel at.

Before I finish that story, some background information is in order. My name is Kylie, Kylie Holland if you want to get fancy, Kylie Kies Holland if you’re my mother and I’ve misplaced something rather important, like a young cousin (it happens to everyone, right?) But I digress.

I am 15, a sophomore in a Bay Area school that’s a hop, skip, and a train ride away from San Francisco. Last June, my father’s family decided to convene in Nantucket for a brief reunion. Upon discovering a well-written bike/hike map, my mother rented us all bicycles and announced a trip to a local brewery! Huzzah, some of us were underage, but, no matter, we were going to drink lemonade.

First, we promptly got lost. That, however, is not important. What is important is that we persevered because, had we not, this would be a pretty non-existent blog. We found our way thanks to an exceedingly kind local (and in spite of some less than amiable truckers). Once at our destination, my sisters (Devon, 14, Piper, 12) and I discovered, to our utter joy, that the Brewery had a contract with a food truck.

Actually, what the proprietors had was way better ⎯ A pizza stand, but not just any pizza stand. Beneath that canvas shield stood Steve, owner and founder of Roamin’ Pizzeria. In case the name didn’t tip you off, he owns the only mobile pizza oven on Nantucket…..”

Stay tuned as Kylie shares her journey, success and set backs with frank commentary and colorful anecdotes.  A Girl and her Dragon is set for an incredible future, both in business and philanthropy.  Forno Bravo will be launching a re-vamped website in July to give Kylie and other contributors a front stage in our Wood Fired Community.


Not until everyone gets pizza

A Girl and her Dragon Wood Fired Catering – Coming Soon

Mobile Casting oven for A Girl and her Dragon, plus founder Kylie

Mobile Catering oven for A Girl and her Dragon, plus founder Kylie

Kylie, as part of her Nueva School’s “Quest” program has decided to launch a Wood Fired Catering Business!  A Girl and her Dragon Wood Fired Pizza.  The Quest program give students the opportunity to pursue their own interests throughout their high school experience.

Forno Bravo is proud to support young entrepreneur Kylie as she seeks to launch her very own wood fired catering company.  A Girl and Her Dragon Pizza will be launching May 7th as part of her school’s Quest night and already has ten events lined up this summer.

Below is a picture of Kylie next to her trailer manufactured by Il Pizzaoilo in Sacramento. Il Pizzaoilo used a Casa 90 wood fired pizza oven kit to keep the trailer weight low, but provide enough volume to support small to mid sized events.

Kylie got her first taste of how wonderful the nationwide pizza oven community is at The Fire Within’s February 2015 workshop and knows the Forno Bravo blog will reach all those great people and more.

 Kylie’s first event is scheduled for May 7th in Northern California, so lets all wish her luck!

Kylie has graciously agreed to become a contributor on the Forno Bravo Blog detailing adventures into wood fired catering, so stay tuned, we will give you an update when we are closer to launching.  So please subscribe to our Blog and track Kylie’s journey.

The second picture is the Dragon, in full flight (okay, maybe day three of the cure process isn’t a fully grown dragon, but its close).  Forno Bravo will finish curing Kylie’s oven next week so stay tuned.


Mobile Pizza Oven Catering Craze

forno bravo, pizza oven, wood fire, mobile catering

Forno Bravo wood fire pizza oven used with The Fire Within mobile catering workshop

Have you ever been to a festival or farmer’s market where there was a pizza vendor using a wood fire oven?  Most likely there was a swarm of people lined up to buy a hot, crispy pizza as fast as they could come out of the oven which makes pizza oven mobile catering a successful business venture.  This success has led to a mobile pizza oven catering craze!  A Forno Bravo partner, The Fire Within, provides a turnkey solution for people who are interested in developing a mobile catering business using Forno Bravo wood-fired ovens.  This month they will be holding their 28th workshop in Broomfield, CO.  The “Getting Started” workshop has taught hundreds of people a method of starting a mobile pizza catering business that helps to eliminate common mistakes a startup can often make.  A unique benefit of the workshop is the continued support attendees have from other participants as they share their experiences and knowledge of mobile catering.

Using Forno Bravo ovens, these soon-to-be pizzaiolos gain hands-on oven training and learn the intricacies of pizza dough making, the details of business operations and how to leverage effective marketing strategies.  Their proprietary business plan, “Rolling in the Dough”, can be purchased by itself, but anyone interested in this business model would do themselves a favor by attending the workshop.  It’s three days of non-stop business planning and wood-fired cooking.  Not only do you go through the business plan, but you get hands-on experience with the actual equipment you will be using.  They even bring in practicing wood-fired caterers for a Q & A session so you can learn from their experiences.

The Fire Within isn’t a franchise; they teach the business model for people to create their own individual business identity.  Brava, Texas Pizza Wagon, Epicurean Catering, Firevine, Jack’s Famous, Touched by Fire and Pizza Amore! are just a few of the names owners have chosen.

Not only does The Fire Within teach the mobile wood fire oven catering business, they also sell the pizza oven trailer using Forno Bravo ovens.  Depending on the individual’s business plan, they offer an extensive selection of standard oven trailers all the way up to a fully customizable 16 ft. for high end caterers.  The oven trailers meet all safety and sanitary requirements with Intertek, NATM, NSF and UL certifications.

If the thought of creating your own mobile pizza oven catering business has crossed your mind, look into the Getting Started Workshop from The Fire Within at .  What will you call your mobile pizza business?

Thanks to Feedback from Dealers / Customers on our prints

To the Forno Bravo faithful, we appreciate the feedback and suggestions regarding our print layouts for our wood fired oven kits.  Many of our technical support calls over the years have been because our prints were more about oven use, then install.  That is changing!  We are in the process of updating all our drawings to provide Architectural views for Designers / Installers as well as key component parts.

We are confident that our customers and their contractors will find this new format much friendlier and, as always we welcome input / suggestions.  Just email us at

When each oven family’s prints are ready, we will keep you posted with Forum announcements.

The Casa and Premio series ovens are all done and ready on our website.  They are under the “Dimensions” tab on the main site.

We are working on the Giardino ovens now and then the commercial products.

For a quick peak, check out the Casa 90 print.Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 6.32.53 PM

Key improvements include:

  • A nice clean visual of the Front, Side and Top view of the oven with all the installed components layered.  This came from all our customers suggestions;
  • We added the minimum recommended foot print for the installation.  This assumes that your pizza oven install is going to use stucco and not a thick structure to enclose it.  Thank you to Home Pizzeria Ovens of Florida / New Hampshire for that suggestion.
  • Insulation and Flue specifications are clearly identified.
  • Ship weight and crate size are listed in the bottom left to make planning for a delivery easier courtesy of Outdoor Pizza Ovens in Canada.
  • Minimum clearances to combustibles are clearly identified in the top view thanks to The Arch in North Carolina;
  • Hearth specification is listed for convenience so you don’t have to refer to the install guide when planning;
  • A Decorative Facade Allowances chart is included to give you an estimate on how different appearances may increase your foot print.

Designing the World’s Finest Pizza Oven into your home keeps getting easier.

Thanks again and have a great Spring planning your project!

Forno Bravo Operations Team


Napoli oven in Mobile Catering Application

This photo was recently shared with us by our friends with Concession Nation in Florida.

Another mobile catering trailer built using a Napoli 120 wood oven.

Pic_DaveStarkey1_Napoli Pic_DaveStarkey3

Concession Nation’s Roma style Mobile Catering oven

This oven was produced by our friends in Ft Lauderdale – Concession Nation.

The oven installed is from our Roma Product line, modified and installed into Concession Nation’s unique mobile catering trailer.

To learn more about their Roma style mobile catering solution, click here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 4.58.18 PM




New Showroom in Salinas Facility is done


Our showroom in Salinas is up to date and better than ever! We will be shooting a walk through video and updating our website photos, but below is a quick preview for 2015!

Not depicted, but available in our Showroom:  Professional 110, Primavera 60, Roma 120 with Gas Assist capable of full demonstration by appointment.

Happy Holidays

Residential Assembled ovens

Residential Assembled ovens Left to Right Artigiano on custom Cucina stand, Toscana 90 Hipped and Andiamo 70

Napolino 70 with custom Forno Bravo Logo tiled

Napolino 70 with custom Forno Bravo Logo tiled

Casa 80 showing the different stages of installation

Casa 80 showing the different stages of installation

Bella Medio 28 on Pizza Island with Pizza Kit ingredients

Bella Medio 28 on Pizza Island with Pizza Kit ingredients

Casa 90 Kit, our most popular unit

Casa 90 Kit, our most popular unit

Commercial Support portal

For those of you who own / operate a business using a Forno Bravo oven, we have been adding a lot of support content to our website.  It isn’t linked on the main page, but you can access this documentation through our support portal.

There is a lot of great content in their including manuals, FAQs and Preventive Maintenance procedures.  We will announce new content as it goes up.

The most recent addition is “Procedure – How to Clean your Burner Assembly.”