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And Now, Something Completely Different

I’ve been talking about doing a triathlon since last year, and the time has come. The tendonitis in my heels is getting better slowly, but I still cannot do the training load that I would like, so rather than cutting back, or continuing to push all of my athletic output through that weak link, it’s time to spread the load. I’ve signed up for the Vineman Ironman in Healdsburg, CA on July 27. Hopefully this will fill the slot last year where I ran the 50 mile ultra last summer, and I will come back stronger than ever for a fast winter marathon. Well, we can always hope.

If you have read our blog, you know I really like this stuff, and I am already enjoying the triathlon training. The Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 on the bike and then a 26.2 marathon. 140.6 in total. I’m a slow swimmer, so I’m not sure how competitive I’ll be. We’ll see. It’s different from pure running, but so far so good. I put a stationary bike (with an iPad strapped to the handle bars) in the garage, I still run out on 17 mile drive, and the local gym/pool is about a mile away. Last week I ran 45 miles, biked 125 and swam 4.4. It’s a different, whole body tired. And I’m always hungry.

Wish me luck.

I’m still running Boston (April 15) and Big Sur (April 28) this year, but they are basically training runs with friends. Which sounds like a lot of fun. Plus our older daughter is still in Boston, so I alway have that to look forward to.

Spring is almost upon us, and this is such an exciting time of the year. Forno Bravo is buzzing, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “And Now, Something Completely Different

  1. Jim: I have a bunch of friends who do triathlons (only managed to do a marathon myself) and they are taking up this gluten free diet. Do you buy in to the idea of gluten causing inflammation?

    Hey, what a great topic for Forno Bravo! Me? I love to make and eat flour pizza crust and bread in my wood fired oven. Have not noticed any inflammation and have been running since 1972.
    Steven Cochrane

    • Hey Steven,

      I don’t worry about the gluten and inflammation link, though I do know two people who are gluten intolerant — including one runner. The runner got a lot better (he had had lots of GI issues) after he changed his diet. Some athletes swear by the Paleo diet, as well. You’re right though, it’s a funny topic for a pizza oven blog. I could never give up Pizza Napoletana.

      In general, I try to eat well and avoid processed foods. I’m always finding ways of putting whole grains in recipes, and I hide oat bran and flax bran in lots of things where the family doesn’t even know its there. haha. I’m always talking to myself during the day when I’m hungry (which is most of the time) — fruits, vegetables, nuts. Over and over.

      The tri training is a lot of fun so far. Spreading the training load across different muscle groups gives you a lot of scope, and you can put in a lot more effort with risking an injury. I should be taking a lighter week next week for the Boston marathon (which is a week from tomorrow), but I don’t really want to slow down. I put in 50 on the road, 165 on the bike and 6 in the pool this week; so I’m tired, but feeling good.

      You should give it a try.

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