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A Red Andiamo70 in Action

Check out a fun customer posting on his new, red Andiamo70 in If you haven’t read it before, is an enthusiast web site dedicated to high-end pizza making. We do not read the site, because I think that pizza lovers should be able to enjoy their hobby without any input (or selling) from equipment manufacturers, but I got this link from a friend.

I think this is interesting because it gives the customer’s view of deciding which oven to get, along with the process of receiving the oven and rolling it into place. And the pizza photos are great! Really, some very nice work.


5 thoughts on “A Red Andiamo70 in Action

  1. That’s a really good point. The Red Andiamo is an unpublished (no charge) option. You can tell the sales department that you want it in Red, and we can do it.

    But I really like that you like the color — it does look really nice; doesn’t it?

    We will be announcing Red as a standard product soon.

    Thanks for the input.

    • Hi James,

      I’m working with a dealer and he was told that the red color wan’t an option. :( Can I have him call back and say “James said it is?” :)

  2. Yeah. That’s the “unpublished” option part. Yes, you can tell our dealer that James says it’s OK. :-) They should call our sales team, and we will take care of them—or you!

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