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A Pizza Oven Can Help Sell Your House

There are a couple of fun things to note on today’s NY Times Real Estate article, The Kitchen’s Day in the Sun.

Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

If you are a part of the Forno Bravo community, you probably already know this, but a great outdoor kitchen or pizza oven can help you sell your house; even in today’s extended down market. And even if your oven isn’t the feature that makes the sale happen, if you do it right, an inviting outdoor pizza oven can add more to your home value than the cost to install it. And besides, even if both of those factors don’t happen, you should at least break even, and end up with a great new hobby and a wonderful place for entertaining your friends. Or, as the NYT puts it:

The rage for alfresco kitchens first took hold on the East Coast about 10 years ago, when the economy was thriving, said Jonathan Giannettino, an owner of Curto’s Appliances in Yonkers. By 2009 business had dropped off sharply.

Now, with new houses and expensive vacations on hold, he said, “business has picked up” as people demonstrate a new willingness to upgrade their houses in order to enjoy backyard “staycations” during the warmer months, often installing heating lamps and fire pits to extend the season.

And outdoor kitchens, originally a West Coast phenomenon, have evolved far beyond the humble outdoor grill next to a picnic table. Especially when makers of kitchen appliances, like the Viking Range Corporation, “decided to go after this market a decade ago,” Mr. Giannettino said, “they took the idea of outdoor kitchens to a whole other level.”

The other interesting aspect of the article is that the writer feature Forno Bravo as the “for example” company for describing a typical outdoor pizza oven. We’re becoming the default alternative. What’s next? Will Forno Bravo become the generic term of a pizza oven? Haha. “When did you put in your Forno Bravo?”

The oven in the photo, while not from Forno Bravo, has a finish very similar to our Toscana oven. Which is nice.


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