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A 51.25 Mile 50 Miler

Sometimes 50 miles just isn’t enough.

Yesterday at the Headlands 50 Ultra I went off the course not once, but twice and ended up running 51.25 miles. Not very smart! I was running with an experienced ultra runner, and we just got talking, and well, there we were. I concentrated at the intersections a lot more on the second lap.

With my detours, I finished the race at 9:35, which was fast enough for 5th overall (I think that is right, they haven’t posted the final results yet) and I got an award for winning the 50-up age group. Wahoo. The last 5 miles were a grind and the last two hills were a killer, but I felt really good up until then. Now, as long as my knee holds up, it’s time to start getting ready for the winter marathons.

This was my first 50 miler and my second trail race, and the experience was just great. At one spot running across a crest with views of the Marin headlands and the bay, I crossed paths with another runner about my age running the other way, and he called out “Isn’t this great! We are so lucky to be here”. I couldn’t agree more. At mile 32, we were at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, and running through lots of bikers, joggers and walkers out for the day, a young guy called out to me “you are having more fun than any of the runners I’ve seen all day”. I must have had a smile on my face.

Here are a couple of photos from previous years. The weather yesterday was beautiful.


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